The Story of My Life…

So, my office is right up the street from Union Station, and it’s sooo hard not to go shopping at lunch every day.  I’ve resisted the urge for about 2 months (It’s just too much of an effort to try and hide new purchases from my hubs), but finally gave in last Friday.  I avoided Ann Taylor at all costs, and decided instead to focus my search for a few cute spring tops at H&M.  And when I say a few, I mean I bought 8 new things. 

I found an awesome cropped knit sweater from H&M that I wanted to share. It’s perfect for a petite gal…not too long, and not to short (don’t wanna show too much of the abs anymore). And the pale yellow color-LOVE. It’s perfect for spring. It looks so cute with black leggings, bright pink ballet flats, and a fuchsia necklace. I also think teal ballet flats would work with the yellow. This is a great weekend look for carting the kiddos to (insert sport) practice and/or to the park.  

But, because this is my life we’re talking about, this is what happened when I tried to share my pint-sized find with you:

I told you I don’t look like I belong in a print ad…

My daughter, who at 5, is only a few years away from surpassing me in height and will probably will be the 6′ tall supermodel type I’ll never be, stepped right into the shot.  And she was followed by my 10-month old who wanted “upies”! FAIL. 

But the outfit did look cute. 


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