If you love them so much, why don’t you marry them? 

It’s spring. Ah, that lovely time of the year when I get to go through my closet. Yay, spring cleaning. NOT. I hate everything about cleaning. I hate the smell of cleaning supplies, I hate dishpan hands, and cleaning toilets, ugh. 

But I digress. What I love about this time of year is digging out my warm weather clothes and shoes. I love bringing out my spring and summer stuff. The colors are so vibrant and the prints funky fresh. As I make that trek upstairs from the basement with bin upon bin of spring and summer clothes, I am giddy with the thought of wearing all of beautiful things I’ve loved over the years, and am excited about getting to know and love all of the things I bought last year that I never got around to wearing due to being busy birthing my fourth child and all. It really feels like Christmas all over again. 

And the first pair of shoes I pull are these hotties right HERE. My loves. 


BEST. HEELS. EVER. I bought back in 2013 (sadly, they don’t seem to be available anymore). How I love thee. My son told me that if I love them so much, I should just marry them. If only I could…they’re perfect in a way no human could ever be. 😄 They literally work with everything in my closet – bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, mini skirts, pencil skirts, work pants, shorts, dresses. The color actually works as a neutral – I can wear it with blue, black, fuschia, yellow, teal, red, and most colors under the rainbow. And the heel height (4 1/4″) is perfect for a petite gal – when I wear them, I actually appear to be average height. Oh yeah! These shoes really stole my heart. 

BUT, if shoe bigamy were allowed, I’d also have to marry these guys, too. 


You had me at maize. I mean, I went to Michigan, after all. So, OF COURSE I love these maize shoes. They give any any outfit the perfect amount of brightness and color. They’re not as high as most of the heels I love, but what they lack in height, they more than make up for in making me smile. I love to pair these cutie pies with a LBD, or with white cropped pants. And they’re casual enough to wear on the weekends without looking like a soccer mom gone cray cray. 

And, I can’t forget about all the secret spring rendezvous I share with these guys…


I got these from Nine West maybe 4 years ago. I go with what I know, what can I say? (and Nine West doesn’t break the bank, which is fantastic because lord knows I don’t want the big guy to leave me because of my “side piece.” 😜). These bad boys look FIERCE with pretty much anything I own.  They’re mad versatile- I can wear them to work with a brown pencil skirt and bright-hued top, with skinny jeans and a basic white tee. And they’re animal print, so what’s not to love?

 OMG, I almost forgot my first real shoe crush. 


More like deep, deep, everlasting shoe lust. I get all tingly inside  just thinking about these. (Ok, not really, but pretty damn close).  I would literally wear this pair like every day. I would sleep with them and shower with them, if the hubs wouldn’t find that a little odd and off putting. If only I had another pair in my closet so this love affair could endure a little longer.  Why, oh why, aren’t there another of you, my perfect, colorful, beautiful shoe?  NOTE TO SELF: if you love a pair of shoes, always get an heir and a spare. I love busting these shoes out when I wear a LBD or black suit to the office. And they look so cute with bootcut jeans and a sweater. 

Hi, my name is Mo, and I’m addicted to shoes. 


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3 thoughts on “If you love them so much, why don’t you marry them? ”

    1. I have so many things that stripe color combo too. A skirt, a dress, a shirt. Apparently I need rehab for blue and white stripes too. Too bad we are big the nane size. I have like 80 pairs of awesome heels.

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