Beer, basketball, and ballet flats 

Granted, it’s Coors Light I’m drinking, but there’s nothing like enjoying a cold brew on a relatively quiet Sunday (kids 1, 2, and 3 are at the park with their grandma, so I only have to manage #4) watching a little March Madness with my hubs! There’s also nothing quite like my Mix No. 6 ballet flats. My mom bought these for me a few years ago. I’m not gonna lie – when I first got them, I wasn’t really that into them. That was during what I like to call the “bunion-causing years,” when I did everything I could to avoid ballet flats. I’m not sure why they bothered me so much back then. But pretty feet and comfort be damned, after I popped out baby #3, I just didn’t want to wear practical/sensible shoes – even if it meant I was gonna have to squeeze my feet back into my collection of beautiful 3-4 inch pointed heels (click here for a few of my faves from this period) and boots. Granted, I drove to work during this period rather than taking public transportation, but dammit if I wasn’t gonna be cute (and much taller) by giving up wearing my ballet flats and flip flops whilst commuting and only slipping on heels if I had a meeting or needed to otherwise leave the confines of my office. No, my friends, during this period, it was heels or bust, even on the weekends, when I was chasing after my little animals. No matter if I looked a little odd and overdressed at the grocery store. Or at soccer games.  I didn’t care about anything but not looking like a mom of 3! Seriously.  I was that vain.

Then I accidentally got pregnant with #4. Oopsie doopsie. (At least that got rid of fear of looking like a mom of 3! Looking like a mom of 3 suddenly became a dream)! And with that, my need to wear heels every day sorta went out the door.  I mean, really, how was I gonna look being knocked up with a husband who travels a lot, holding down the fort with my full-time attorney gig with my 3 kids needing to be here and there, stumbling around in my cute heels? Something had to give.

That pregnancy set it motion a chain of events that ended with me rediscovering not only the joy of wearing flat shoes, but also, these lovelies in the bottom of my closet.  And the love affair began. Flats can be cute too.  My feet and bunions rejoiced. And truthfully, I love these ballet flats, especially with jeans.  Personally, I think most shades of blue work as a neutral color (a la beige), and so, I wear these ballet flats with any color combo. Today, I paired with my Curvy Dark Wash Bootcut Jeans from BR, with a striped ribbed tank from Gap in blood orange under a blood orange long sleeve ribbed tee, also from Gap. (NOTE: the jeans run big. Mine are 0P and they’re slightly baggy in the waist, which isn’t the end of the world for casual weekend wear. Next time, I will go a size down. )

 Teal and Orange – a winning combo, as I watch one of my mortal enemies – MSU – play in the Elite Eight. Now, excuse me, I must get back to that beer before my kids get home!


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