F-U WebMD (Just a random thought)

I remember when I was younger, I wanted 5 kids! Ah, yes, the idiocy of youth. At the time, 5 just really seemed liked a good number. I’m guessing that this desire to have a large family stems from the fact that I come from a very small family (one sister – check her out – Moms, Miles, and Mishaps –  and my parents only have/had one sibling each). But, once I popped out my first 2 (the heir, and the spare, LOL) and realized how much it all costs (I mean, seriously daycare, why do you cost as much as a mortgage?), I revised that number. I thought 2, like my parents before me, was a really good number. 

But then I unexpectedly got pregnant with number 3. Yeah. 3 suddenly became a great number. Perfect number of kids. I was content. And, I was getting up in age, so figured, advanced maternal age had kicked in, so 3 was definitely it. 

Of course, as if I don’t know how the birds and the bees works, I found myself knocked up. Again. With number 4. Sigh. 4 is an awesome number. It really is. And I’m done. For realz this time. So, I was quite surprised when I got this email from WebMD in my inbox:


You think?  Yes, they do happen all the time. TO ME. 4 times!  And this email, while funny, is pretty untimely. In other words, late. Like my period was, in 2006, 2008, 2011, and 2013. TMI. But, IJS. Way to be helpful, WebMD. 


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