I ❤️ tuxedo shirts!

Lately, I’m really into tuxedo tops. Whether sleeveless or long sleeve, they’re classy, without being stuffy and conservative. And they feel trendy! 

My fave tuxedo top lately is the Tuxedo Shell from Loft, Fall 2014.  They came in a bunch of colors, but sadly, by the time I got off my butt to order online, I could only get my hands on feather stone:

no, it’s not cold in here, I just really love my tuxedo shell

And black:  

Because I desperately wanted these tops, and sizes were limited online, I bought them in XS. I really needed XXSP, or even XSP, but they actually work just fine a little oversized because they’re long enough to wear untucked with a pair of skinny jeans. 

(Mossimo Supply Co Skinny Jeans in Periwinkle from Target Spring 2013 with Nine West Barbe Pumps in Natural) or in the office tucked into a pencil skirt or dress pants. 

They really were a hit when I started wearing them to work last fall. So much so, that my work BFF bought two, as well. The Tuexdo Shell is such a great, versatile look, you totally won’t mind if you end up being dressed as twin at work!

Yes. This actually happened.


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