Petite Girl in the City

So, my sister is in town with her family and that means 6 kids in the house driving us cray cray. They are sooooo loud. And always arguing over dumb stuff. Since it was a beautiful Spring day – sunny and windy, with a slight bite in the air – and we needed to get them out the house, we decided to take the kids to Baltimore Inner Harbor for sightseeing and some seafood. I wanted to put together a cute outfit that would be appropriate for walking around on a Sunday with the kiddos. I didn’t want to wear jeans – I feel like I’m always in jeans on the weekend – but it’s too cold for shorts (plus, my shorts are still packed away somewhere in the basement, anyway). So, ankle pants and ballet flats seemed like the perfect look for this in-between weather. 

      Pants: Petite Modern Piped Ankle Pant, Ann Taylor, Bronzed Khaki, 00P. These pants are really versatile (a MUST for a working mom who wants to stretch her purchases as FAR as they can go), as I can wear to work or a date night with heels, or for a casual outing with flats. The length is perfect for a petite girl – ankle pants that actual hit the ankle! Go figure! They have just enough stretchy material so that they’re fitted but not skanky (also a must)! And, these pants have a navy blue contrasting trim that I love! Such a classic touch. 

I also have these pants in Dark Sky (essentially, navy blue), which have a black contrasting trim. They’re great, too!

Shirts: Adore Striped Tee, Banana Republic, XXS, with a navy blue cotton tank from Old Navy.  This shirt is cropped, and had it been warmer, I probably would have skipped the tank.  The cotton is sooo soft, and I totally love navy blue and white stripes.  I probably needed this top in petite, as it is a bit big, but paired with a fitted bottom, I think it looks great. 

Shoes: Steve Madden Ballet Flats. 

Accessories: Diamond stud earrings, Kenneth Cole sunglasses, scarf from Old Navy, really attractive brown backpack diaper bag (not pictured). 

Now, excuse me, I have to go stuff my face on some local fare! 🍴🍤🍤


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