Swim, Soccer, Dance…it’s back on

Spring break is over, my sister and her family are on their way home, and my two eldest L’il Vigs are back at soccer and swim.  Spring time means there’s pretty much only one day per week that we’re not carting at least one kid somewhere! There’s just no rest for the weary.  No wonder I’m so tired and cranky all the time. Just thinking about everything on the schedule every week makes me want to take a nap. And cry. And have a drink.  And, I know the kiddos probably just want to sit on the couch and veg (and watch TV all day, no doubt). 

There’s days, like today after my alarm went off mad early on a Saturday to get up and ready for an 8:00 am soccer game,a 10:00 am soccer game, and 11:45 am swim practice, where I seriously question the overscheduling of my kids’ lives.  Why do I do this to us? Why can’t I just take a season off and do absolutely nada but focus on school work? And speaking of school work, why do you invent extra work for them to do? 

And I answer my question with a few questions. What else are you gonna do with your time, Mo? (Nothing). You have no hobbies, do you? (No). You don’t go to the gym, do you? (No, but I should). You don’t really want to sit at home every weekend, do you? (No. Well, yes, I do. But I shouldn’t want to). Are you just gonna let your kids play the wii and watch cartoons all day? (No. Although it sure would make for a quiet day). 

Here’s the deal. I’ll be honest.  I have 4 kids that need to go to college one day. That ain’t gonna be cheap. They’re not getting a full ride on their looks, as stinkin cute as they all are. As it is, I’m gonna be working until at least 70. So, I do what I do, driving all around town, because I’m trying to expose them to as many sports and activities as possible, with the hope that at least one of them can earn a scholarship for college. Academic, athletic, it matters not! I just want them to succeed in whatever it is they do. And sadly, that’s not gonna happen with me sitting on my ass eating bonbons!

And I guess, if I’m even more honest, I just don’t want my kids to be average. I don’t want them to do the bare minimum. I want them to succeed where I have failed or just quit. I was a decent swimmer from 3rd grade to 9th grade, but I quit when it got tough. I was a good student throughout my education, but I took the easy road, and never challenged myself. To this day, I’m decent at what I do, but I could be better. As much as my parents told me not to do things half-assed, I was (and still am) the queen of doing just enough to look like I was putting forth effort, without actually doing much. And knowing this about myself, I want my kids to do more and be more. I don’t want them to settle for average. 

So, off to practice I go. Wheee!



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