Spring is Sprung

Spring may not be my favorite season weather and flora-wise (that would be Autumn), but it’s definitely my favorite wardrobe season.  Now that the morning temps are consistently above 40 degrees (knock on wood – I hope I haven’t jinxed us for another late snow incident), and the evening commute temps are in the 70s, I can finally ditch the tights (provided I have shaved my legs, of course!), Uggs (well, I would totally rock the uggs year-round if they weren’t so toasty inside), and coats. Goodbye rich burgundy, midnight blue, black, and brown. It’s been real, but I have to get to know my Spring prints and colors again.

As much as I love getting dressed for work this time of year, it’s really a struggle getting ready in the morning, though. Between the lack of a good night of sleep (since 2007), being up at the crack of dawn to pump (one more month until I shut down the milk factory for good), getting everything ready for the kiddos so the hubs doesn’t have to do so much after I leave, and needing to make sure to pick out an outfit that looks good with my “commuter shoes” (I won’t kill my feet the way I did last decade wearing heels on my commute come rain, snow, or sleet), I literally just stand in my closet wishing a nice and stylish outfit will just get on my body already.

This morning, was particularly a struggle, as I try to get back into the routine of work and kids’ activities. 

But I settled on this for the walk to my car:

A shoe switcheroo for the office (I just don’t do flats at work unless I’m knocked up. Which I’m not!): 

And add this jacket because it’s chilly this morning:

Jacket: It was 45 degrees when I left this morning, with a forecast of 70 by the afternoon commute, so I grabbed my Banana Republic military jacket, size 0. I think I bought this in the Spring 2010. From what I recall, it wasn’t available in petite, so it’s a little bigger and longer than I would like. But it’s comfy and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

Top: H&M Jersey Top in Natural White, XS. I found this in the bottom of my drawer this morning looking for another cream blouse. Why was this buried in the bottom of the drawer? Why would I do such a thing? Any who, this top is rayon, and soooo soft. The sleeves are cuffed, which s nice detail. It’s a bit on the longish side when untucked, but it works. 

Skirt: Loft Petite Fresh Bloom Pencil Skirt Golden Mustard in 0P (I bought this in October 2014; it’s still available online, but only in Whisper White). This skirt fits really well. There’s a little bit of room in the waist, which is perfect for tucking in shirts. There is a bit of stretch in the skirt so it’s curve-hugging without being too tight and scandalous in the office! The mustard color really grabs attention without being to bright and over the top. 

Shoes (for commute to work): Mix No. 6 ballet flats in teal. I get a lot of use outta these bad boys, as evidenced by my prior posts wearing these shoes. 

Shoes (for the office): Steve Madden round toe pumps in camel. I bought these from Marshall’s in 2011. They truthfully aren’t the most comfortable heels (I think my feet are conditioned to only wear pointed toe skinny heels), but they’re a nice change from my usual heels. 

Accessories: “Hope” gold tone necklace from H&M; lightning bolt gold tone necklace H&M; turquoise beaded necklace from World Market; diamond hoop earrings. 

Off to work I go…



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