Stitch Fix Review: April 2015

So, this is actually my third fix, which was scheduled as a do-over for the second fix (my happy birthday to me fix last month), which was underwhelming. That second fix has to go unreviewed right now because I lost the stylist card and took no photos of what I returned.  However, let’s just say that after fix number 2, I was convinced that my stylist hated me (maybe she doesn’t like petite gals?), wasn’t reading my comments or profile, and certainly wasn’t looking at my Pinterest page, or maybe I just suck at communicating my wants/likes. I ended up keeping two of the items in that box just to make it worth my while (and it was my birthday, dammit), but I wasn’t happy. So, I sent a lengthy email to Stitch Fix expressing my displeasure and requesting assistance with making my Stitch Fix experience more like everyone else I know. Yes, I’ve become THAT kinda gal. 

I’ll say this, I expressed my concern over my stylist not getting me, and they were super responsive to my displeasure. They responded within 24 hours, and offered to waive the styling fee in the next fix to try to make it right. Of course that meant having to try this again, but I guess it’s not that bad when the few e is waived. I have to give Stitch Fix props for customer service. They nail that!

So, I received my “make up” fix last week. It was MUCH better than the first two. Definitely more me. 

#1 Margaret M Petite Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser – Black – XS ($98)Finally something in a petite size! I have been looking for some stretchy cropped black pants to replace a pair of Vera Wang leggings I love that have pilled and faded and just look ragged (of courage I still wear them! DUH!!), and those were a nice replacement. Now, I feel these pants were a bit pricey, but they fit perfectly. I would have loved it if they had come in a brighter color, or even a print. But the fit sealed the deal. These are versatile –  they will work both in the office and on my free time. I had to keep them. So I did. 

#2 Olive & Oak Arynn Tie Back Chevron Print Tank – Coral – XS ($48) Yes. Yes. Yes. This top is exactly the style I have been trying to communicate to Stitch Fix – bold, bright, and fun! I was beginning to wonder what a home girl has to do to get the kinds of fun finds everyone else I know gets in their fixes. Thankfully, this one piece right here erased all my doubts that my stylist hates me! Admittedly, this top could be smaller, it’s a little long and roomy on my petite frame, and it’s VERY sheer, which require a tank underneath, but the colors are gorg. Totally me!!! It looks great with jeans, cropped pants, shirts, and pencil skirts. I think I will be able to wear at work and on weekends! It’s a keeper.

#3 19 Cooper Cathleen Split Neck Tulip Sleeve Blouse in Cobalt – XS ($48)  

 So, I actually already have a cobalt top in my closet (well, 2 or 3 if I’m honest), and I probably didn’t need this top, but I love cobalt. And the split top is so cute. I instantly loved this top. So much so that I put it right into the rotation. What can I say? I’ve already worn this top for a casual night out with the fam, and I think it also works with a patterned pencil skirt for work, which I’m gonna try soon!

#4 Laila Jayde Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top – Turquoise – XS ($58) So, I need more turquoise in my wardrobe like I need to have another kid (read: I don’t need turquoise or another kid), but it’s a beautiful color (which is why I have so much of it in my closet).  This top is a little voluminous on my frame, and truthfully, if I saw this in a store, I wouldn’t buy it at this price.  But as it seems to go with Stitch Fix, if you want more than 2 items in your fix, you may as well get them all! So, I kept it. I figure I can wear it with leggings, or with shorts come summer. 

#5 Bancroft Powell Leather Detail Bangle Set – Yellow ($32) I love the yellow panel on the one bangle. Just a cute detail. However, I don’t normally wear yellow gold jewelry. Well, not since the 90s, anyway. But, like I just said, it just didn’t make sense to return these bangles when I wanted three items already. So, these are keepers.

I kept all 5 items. Total was $198 with the 25% off and styling fee deducted. Happy (belated) birthday to me. 

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24 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review: April 2015”

  1. As a fellow petite girl, I feel your pain, though I haven’t had bad fixes. 🙂 You received some great pieces – some of which I’ve pinned too.
    I keep wondering if I should change my top size from Small to Extra Small, because a lot of what they have sent me has been boxy, and I want fitted. I put my measurements in a note, but it didn’t seem to do much. Smalls in their dresses work for me, though.


    1. Thanks! Not knowing your dimensions or anything, I’d try XS because I’m finding that most of their items seem to run a tad (or more) big. I took a peek at your 2 most recent fixe reviews, and it seems you are an XS. I have tried giving suggestions for items I really like, and sadly, they never seem available in my size, though. So, it’s kind of a catch 22 if you change it! Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Us Petite gals need to look out for each other so we don’t go around looking like we are wearing our mom’s clothes!!

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  2. thanks for posting this. Your first paragraph could have been the email I sent last week to Stitch Fix. I am petite, have requested petites- and in 2 fixes- have not seen an XS or a petite! In addition, I love that colorful blouse- it’s exactly what I have been wanting.

    My last fix- I received 2 gray items (one color I had x’d off my list) and no bright colors or petites.

    After my email, they are sending me another fix as well- will be interested to see whether they actually fit!

    And as someone else mentioned-maybe I need to put my top size as XS (although that doesn’t track with what I buy in the store)–but everything has been boxy!

    This blog gives me hope for my next fix!!


    1. Hi Kathy! Thank you so much for stoping by. I really started this blog to try and see what I can do to help us petites find a little more success in the clothing department. I was hoping SF would be the answer, but not sure if it is. I have only scheduled 3 fixes and this one is the closest to what I would call a success, but it’s not perfect. I’m not sure how many different ways I can explain that if it isn’t bold/bright/print, and/or if it’s big/baggy/long, I don’t want it. Over these 3 boxes, I have received too many black, dark, and solids, and only a few things that fit really really well. I by no means wish to bash SF because I know it works for many gals, but I’m just hoping for more. Good luck with your next fix. Let me know how it goes!!!


      1. I will definitely let you know- it’s coming next week. I love the idea and really want it to work, I know a lot of people who love it. But I am with you- I have explained in 10 different ways that I want bright and fitted. I don’t need to look (or feel) pregnant at 50! Plus, I want professional clothes too! I essentially wrote them and said- “it is impossible that anyone has even read my profile or my reviews!” The woman from customer service even added her OWN note to my stylist this time…….


      2. Kathy – it seems to me that most people either have really great or really disappointing experiences with SF. The thing is, my sister started SF right after I did, and they totally nail her style. Of course, that made me very jealous! As much as I want to keep trying, I am gonna probably take a break for a while. I can’t justify buying clothes so often! If I had the time, money, and know-how, I’d start a petites version of SF and try to do a better job of honoring people’s preferences!


  3. Hi again.

    Just “peeked” at my stitch fix-you know the one where they were going to “get me”? Well it looks as if they sent me 2 oversized tops in navy/white prints (both chevron), a blouse I can’t find (Adriani Scoop neck blouse? no color), the dress is 3/4 sleeve, baggy and below the knee–oh and it’s navy too. The crowning touch-black skinny jeans-for the 3rd time in a row.

    Seriously? After contact with a support person who said “I added a note to your stylist for more fitted tops”, a style profile where I said “Please send bright colors” and an extra note where I cut and pasted links to specific items, including a couple from your April fix!
    I asked for summer items, including maxi skirts and/or A line skirts…..

    I will see what actually shows up but I am not impressed at this point! and I am pretty disappointed….
    You need to start that petite SF!


  4. Hi there! First off, how are you able to peek at the box? Who knew? How did I miss that?

    But, back to important things, that’s so disappointing if that’s what they’re sending you. Sending positive vibes into the universe that there will be some pleasant surprises in your box! I’ve googled lots of other reviews, and while it’s no comfort that there are other people out there that keep trying and keep getting disappointed, at least we know we are not going cray cray. It can’t be that hard to at least get the colors right, can it? I mean, I get that it is probably harder to nail down the right fit for everyone, but if someone says they want bright colors, it seems that should be able to send bright colors. I mean, what’s the deal with their inventory if they can’t come closer to our expressed wants?

    I hate being so negative, but especially now that they’re touting the availability of petite sizes, I just feel like they can do better!

    Where do you normally shop for clothes? I totally wish I knew how to start my own petite SF. You wouldn’t have any experience in this area, would you? 😄

    Good luck with your fix – and let me know how it goes.


  5. You can click on “checkout”- you don’t really of course, but they list each item. So then I googled each thing and added “stitch fix” to the search. I couldn’t find one thing but the others showed up in multiple places- other fixes, on the “cards” etc. Interestingly, one of the items showed up in multiple colors- which I liked so much better than navy!

    For example, try: PIXLEY #4456-775
    Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt-there are multiple hits…. but there is a card that says exactly that. It doesn’t look fitted to me!!!!

    I agree that some of the simple things should be easily solved-they send me emails with cute clothes in bright colors, I cut and paste those into my profile! How hard can it be to send me something similar?

    I admit that I don’t know the sizes yet, so I will reserve judgement-BUT nothing says petite in the description so I am not feeling optimistic.

    I wish I knew something about starting such a thing as petite sf! I shop at White House Black market, banana rep. sometimes Ann Taylor, I like INC petites at Macys’ but I really need “good” basics since I teach at a medical and dental school and want to look professional but not frumpy!

    I will update after Saturday!


  6. I did!

    It was a bit better than I thought it would be. One of the shirts was purple, navy and grey and white (chevron) and it fit nicely- loose and flowy without making me look pregnant.

    They sent me 3 petite things. One was a tank that was just too short (that isn’t their fault- I think I can’t wear petite tops always and a medium would have been too boxy) BUT I was annoyed because it looked almost EXACTLY like the 2 they had sent me previously—which I had sent back (all black and white of some sort). Come on !!! Black again ??????

    The second petite item was black skinny jeans (which I had asked them not to send since I had been sent black and gray skinny jeans before and sent back.)… but interestingly I ended up keeping because they fit so well-but I asked again in the checkout—-not for black!!!!!!

    The third petite was a dress.. which fit 1000% better than the wrap dress from last time (which I couldn’t fasten on top but was HUGE on the bottom. BUT-it was in navy/blue and a pattern and although it fit-it was that kind of petite dress that just makes me look frumpy/matronly…. Made me look “thick” in the middle and I am not. It was still too long-but I never worry about that- I always can shorten.

    Didn’t I just say above that I told them I didn’t want to look frumpy???? LOL

    The last top was also a chevron print (why two?) and it was white with navy! It also had a wonky neckline (had my daughter try it on too and it wasn’t just me). For $60-it had better be high quality.

    So, I kept the jeans and the purple top. Overall I thought it was a bit better.

    I wrote very specific notes in checkout, to my stylist and updated my profile again.

    PROS: They sent petites, that essentially fit better-especially the pants. I think I like petite bottoms and dresses better. I now know that I should ask for regular XS tops.

    CONS: NO Bright colors. Don’t know how I could have been clearer. This was an early spring fix… not an almost summer fix!!!! 4/5 things are black or navy/blue. Even the top I kept was muted and not very springlike. Petite dress was matronly.

    I am still irritated—-How difficult is it to send bright colors? It’s all over my profile and last checkouts and notes to stylist—plus I had put links to all sorts of tops/skirts etc in my notes! And–ALL of them were from Stitch Fix-other’s fixes or directly from emails that I received in march/april.

    So, I emailed the customer service woman back and told her what I just told you here. She wrote me back and said they wanted it to be better and work for me. So, SHE is going to style me personally next time and she asked me to do a Pinterest board. So, I did-not one pale, muted color on there.

    So, we shall see! Sorry to be so long winded.




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