TBT: Stitch Fix Review #1 (better late than never)!

I’m a little late with this, but here’s a review of my very first fix, from January 2015. In my defense, I didn’t have a blog in January, and even if I had, I didn’t appreciate the value of sharing my thoughts about the fix beyond the stylist and my sister, so better late than never, right? I should warn that I can’t remember the cost everything.  And I misplaced the receipt. Mommy brain? And my hair is a hot mess in these pics. My bad. Can I use my 4 kids as full-time work schedule as an excuse?

#1 Papermoon Kellie Houndstooth Print Swing Skirt XS ($58)

I’m really a sucker for prints, so I kept this, even though I don’t usually like skirts that are longer than just below the knee (I’m 5’0 tall – I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a tent. Or my 6’11 hubby’s shirts! Midi and maxi skirts usually don’t do my frame any justice!).  But as long-ish skirts go, this isn’t too bad. The material is very soft and it’s a great color for Spring. Although I already have way to many blue and green items in my closet, I kept this because it’s unlike any other skirt in my closet. And I guess that’s the whole point in my using Stitch Fix – getting help thinking outside the box, and picking items that I’d overlook on my own.

(Top: Gap; Belt: Banana Republic; Shoes: Nine West)

#2 41Hawthorn Jordanne A-line Skirt XS ($68)


I instantly liked this A-line skirt because it will work with both button down blouses, shells, and cropped tops, like I’m wearing here. I also liked that it would be a nice change of pace from the black, or grey, or navy skirts I often wear to work. It fits really well – fitted, without being so tight that I cannot sit down. My biggest complaint is that I didn’t need two burgundy items in one fix (see #5 below). If this had been another color, maybe orange, yellow, even kerry green, I would have reLly been happy. But I kept it.

(Top and Shoes: Target)

#3 Fate Garrison Faux Leather Panel Blouse XS

 I didn’t really need this top, as I have that black tuxedo shell from Loft that fits somewhat similarly. But, I really liked the leather strip down the middle. It’s a fun, sort of edgy detail. I’m not what I’d consider very edgy, so this little hint of edge was plenty. And it’s a versatile shirt, which I can wear at work and on the weekends. The fit – it’s a little roomy in the body, but the length is good. I kept it.

(Pants: Target; Shoes: Mix No. 6)

#4 Pixley Trisha Cut-Out Back Knit Shirt XS ($54)

The top wasn’t all that special at first glance. But the I saw the cutouts in the back, which is a really fun touch. Basically this top is like a mullet – business in the front, party in the back. And the material is very soft.  I ended up keeping it because I wanted the first three items and it wasn’t much more to keep this one. 

(Skirt: Banana Republic; Belt: Loft – came with a strapless dress)

#5 Augustina Lace Back Open Cardigan XS

I was not in love with this cardigan. At all. The fit is too big. It’s baggy in the back and just doesn’t lay down flat. I don’t like lace. I’m not into frilly or that whole romantic look. No. Just no. And I didn’t really love the dark burgundy when there was already burgundy in the fix.  I know it comes in other colors, which would have been much better. I was really looking for brighter colors (and still am).  But, I kept it because if you end up wanting more than 2 or 3 items, which I did, it just doesn’t make sense to forego the 25% off discount.

(Skirt: Loft; Top: item #2 from this fix)

So, overall, it was a decent first fix.  I had fun, and I obviously went back for more. But I wasn’t totally thrilled with all the dark colors. Yes, it was still winter at the time, but I’m more of a bright hue/bold print kinda gal. And as you will see with my other fix review, I only bought everything because buying them all ended up being about the same or cheaper than just buying 3 or 4 items. My biggest complaint about Stitch Fix is that they don’t seem to have the bold hues and prints that I see online (and in other’s fixes) in my size (XS). I know, WAH, poor sad, petite girl. But I need clothes too, dammit! I hope now that they’re have petite sizes, that I actually get more items I love in the right size. I’ll probably wait a few months and try again.  If no luck, I’ll probably quit SF. Or start my own one dedicated to helping petite gals! LOL!

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