Teal and Grey Kinda Day

So, I have to give a training presentation at work today. It’s actually been about a year since I’ve had to give one, and as many presentations as I have given over the years, and much as I love giving them, I still get super nervous. Like, I need to meditate beforehand nervous. I just never feel prepared, even when I know that I have prepared, and even when I know the subject matter. And it doesn’t help that for all the stuff I have done in front of people, it is still nerve-wracking having people looking at me and listening to me. It doesn’t matter that I was a college cheerleader at the University of Michigan and cheered in front of over 100,000 screaming fans at Michigan Stadium, or that I’ve been a college instructor before, or that I have made thousands of arguments before judges. I’m just a ball  of mush inside when I have to go before people and sound like I know what I’m talking about. 

On top of the nerves, I generally agonize over what to wear when I give a presentation. I don’t want to be overdressed, but I certainly don’t want to be underdressed either. I want to be taken seriously, but want to seem approachable. I want to look like I’m fun and cheery, as I think it helps people from being bored before I even open my mouth to speak, but don’t want my clothes to be a distraction.

I know the group I am instructing today will be business casual, but honestly, I don’t really know what that means. Khakis? Jeans? Definitely not a suit. They’re so stuffy anyway, and I pretty much reserve those for court and/or job interviews. And I also decided that I wanted to stay away from anything too bright and flashy. No florals or bold prints today. Something more muted seemed appropriate. Teal and grey. Score.       (Skirt: Petite Curvy Fit Trouser Pencil Skirt in Mefium Ash Heather 0P; Top: Banana Republic XS; Shoes: Nine West 6.5; Belt: Old Navy OS)

This skirt is great for the curvy petite gal. The waist is fitted, so you can tuck in your shirt and it stays put. It’s also fitted through the hips without being tight. The fabric is very soft and although it looks like it would be heavy, it’s lightweight and works year-round. The belt loops make the skirt look professional, but adding printed belts gives it a more fun feel. 

I feel like I look like I mean business, without looking dull and drab. Now, wish me luck!


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