Another Floral Pencil Skirt 

My focus over the last few days has been on my hair, and my desire to unshackle myself from reliance on my flat iron. But, I’d much rather talk about clothes, so back to petite fashion ideas…

After a day off from work yesterday, I was glad to get dressed to go into the office today.  And today felt like a bright hue kind of day after the more muted grey and teal from the last time I was in the office. And nothing says bright like florals, right?


(Skirt: Loft Petites Floral Variety Pencil Skirt 0P. I bought this in early 2013, so, sadly, it’s not available anymore; Blouse: Banana Republic XS)

I know, I know, more florals? It’s true that since I started this blog, there have been lots of florals represented. But, it’s the spring, so of course I’m going to wear a lot of floral patterns. And I can’t help it if I am a creature of habit.  I’m gonna keep wearing the hell outta some florals until the fall! And really, it’s helpful to show that petite gals don’t need to avoid printed skirts for fear of looking short and wide. On the contrary, if the skirt fits well (hits right above the knee to show off the legs and is fitted through hips and waist so as to create a long silhouette) and the print is scaled to your body size (i.e. the print isn’t too large or horizontal), petite gals should feel free to rock bold prints! 

I also realize that I wear a lot of pencil skirts to work (okay, I pretty much always wear a pencil skirt to work), but I go with what I know works for me. And pencil skirts look really great on the petite gal. They really make for a longer, leaner look, especially when paired with a nude (or skin tone) heel. And even better yet, they’re really versatile – they can be dressed up with a button down shirt and a blazer or suit jacket if I have a meeting, or dressed down with a more casual blouse or shell if I’m just going to be in the office all day. It’s hard to go wrong with a pencil skirt, which I wear year-round!

Since the weather decided to be all kinds of crazy this morning – 36 degrees and breezy when I left the house, with the high only expected to reach 60 – I had to be prepared with some outerwear for the commute:

and for walking around the city during lunch:

  Gotta love my preparation – this jacket was in my office. It’s awesome, right? Totally fun! I found it in this little shop in Roanoke back in 2010. I was killing time while the hubs was taking the bar exam, and even though the jacket didn’t come in XS, I had to have it.




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