Petite Styling Tips #1 and #2 

If you run a search on petite styling tips, there are tons of websites that list petite dos and don’ts. There are really so many rules for petite gals, it’s hard to remember what to wear and what to avoid. And some of the rules contradict each other. But, the main takeaway is that if you’re a petite gal, you’re goal is to give the appearance of length. So, if us petite gals can just remember that one cardinal rule, all the tips you will find out there will all make sense. Here’s a few helpful tips today to get this Friday off to a good start. 

Petite Styling Tip #1: Above-the-knee Skirts are your BFF 4 EVA!!! 

Petites looks best when the hemline if the skirt is just above the knees. It gives the illusion of height and prevents a short and stumpy look. 

Petite Styling Tip #2: Horizontal Stripes Can Be Your Friend, Too! 


It’s true that one way for petite gals to always achieve length is to avoid horizontal stripes and opt, instead, for vertical stripes. However, it’s also true that some rules are meant to be broken. And I totally broke that rule today by wearing horizontal stripes. The stripes I’m wearing don’t (in my opinion, anyway, LOL) make me look wide and stumpy because I am wearing them as a top. This averts the eyes upwards, which gives the appearance of a taller than actual height. Also, because I am wearing them with an open cardigan, I have created a nice vertical line that counteracts the horizontal line.  

 Skirt: Loft Petite Curvy Fit Ponte Trouser Pencil Skirt (Fall 2014)

Top: Old Navy

Shoes: Nine West

Bracelets: Bancroft Powell Keather Detail Bangke Set (from Stitch Fix #3)

Necklace: H&M


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Attorney.Wife.Mom.Wannabe Fashionista.Wannabe Interior Decorator.Just Trying to Have it All and Keep it REAL!

One thought on “Petite Styling Tips #1 and #2 ”

  1. Great outfit today! Appreciate the tips! This is one thing designers of petite clothing seem to forget- that above the knee length!

    I think that I can turn a frumpy/dowdy/matronly skirt into a great look if I lop off inches to make it above the knee!



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