Petite Styling Tip #3: Bold Prints Are Your Friend

My baby boy turned 1 today, and it’s such a bittersweet thing when you realize that the baby of the family is no longer a baby. Sniff sniff!  

 But notwithstanding my tears over the baby growing up, it’s a gorgeous spring day to celebrate this milestone. We are grilling some meat (mmm..ribs) and enjoying the sunshine on our new deck. And to top it all off, I’m finally able to break out some warm weather dresses and share another petite styling tip that I’ve found works for me – bold print dresses and petites are winning combo!


 Not stumpy at all, right? I bought this dress online from Old Navy last week because, well, it was 40% off, and it’s hard to pass that up. Also, I’m a sucker for prints and generally Old Navy petite sizes fit pretty well.  I find that when the print is the right size (i.e. nor too big), it actually elongates my short frame so that I give the illusion of height! What’s interesting about this print is that it looks horizontal or vertical, depending on the way your eyes work. I betcha that helps keep this print from giving off a wide look. It also helps that this dress is fitted, without being too tight, so there isn’t a lot of extra fabric here to overwhelm my frame. 

I paired the dress with a blue skinny belt to also help give the illusion of length by drawing the eyes upward. 

Dress: Old Navy Women’s Jersey Shift Dress Red Print XSP. 

Belt: ??? Gift from my mom

Shoes: Banana Republic


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