Curly Girl Product Review: As I Am

I’m on week two of giving up my flat iron. It is hard, let me tell you. I just don’t know what I am doing with this hair of mine. I never learned how to manage curly hair because by the time I was old enough to start taking  an interest in hair, my mom had already ditched her natural hair in favor of straight hair that she had done in the salon every month or so.

I don’t blame her, though. She has very thick, long hair, and, at the time, had a full-time job as a math professor, 2 daughters, and a husband who traveled abroad most of the time. So, I can only imagine that she didn’t want/have time to deal with her hair! 

I can totally relate! But, whereas my mom religiously went to the salon to get her hair done, I stopped having my hair done by professionals 10 years ago, which means all the work has been done by yours truly. And, I don’t feel like struggling to straighten my hair anymore, when I live in a climate that ruins my straight ‘do as soon as I walk out the door. Which means I need to find products that keep my curly hair in check. 

How lucky that on week 2 of the new me, I’ve already found As I Am, who makes super awesome products for curly girls.  I bought 3 As I Am products, and used as follows:

Step 1: As I Am Coconut Cowash 

 So, I started parting hair into 4 sections. I took each section and wet it, liberally applied the cowash to hair and scalp, and gently worked it through hair to detangle. I also gently scrubbed scalp and then twisted hair and clipped it to let the cowash marinate. I repeated this for each section. Once all 4 sections were completely washed, I rinsed hair section by section and twisting the sections. 

Step 2: As I Am Leave-In Conditioner  

  After Step 1, I got out the shower and liberally applied this leave-in to each section of my hair, working it through the hair with my fingers, and then twisting hair again so that leave-in can soak into strands. 

Step 3: As I Am Curling Jelly  Once  I completed step 2, I worked a very small amount of this gel into each section. I then twisted each section again and put a clip at the end to help stretch out the hair a bit. Then I let it air dry. 

Finished result:



Overall, I am very happy with the result. My hair was shiny, bouncy, and has well-defined curls. Best of all, my hair is soft and NOT sticky like it is with most products. This product line smells so good you can eat it; it’s like being on vacation and drinking piña coladas on the beach. It truly works wonders on curly hair and I love it. 


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