Petite Styling Tip#4 (Scoop Necked Dress)

TGIF. It’s going to be a beautiful spring day in the DMV – low 80’s and low humidity (my hair thanks you, Mother Nature) – and what better way to celebrate good weather and the start off the weekend than busting out a bright pink dress?! 

 This dress showcases another petite styling tip I have learned over the years – scoop necked anything works really well for the petite gal. Like V necks, scoop necked tops and dresses really elongate a petite frame by drawing the eyes upward. They also show off the collarbone area, which is a plus!  

You may be wondering why all of my tips are focused on looking taller, and/or whether I am unhappy being short. Well, the answer is a resounding NO! I am who I am, and there ain’t no shame in my game. I’m not into body shaming petite gals, and do not advocate trying to be someone you’re not, as think we are perfect just the way we are (good things come in small packages and all that)! And really, there’s no tall gals without short gals! But, I do want to look my best, which I think is what we want right? And these tips are really just to share things that I have found work for me, so I hope they are viewed for what they are!

Anywho, back to the dress…

Paired with a statement necklace from Stitch Fix, an open cardigan, and camel pumps, this scoop necked dress works great on the office!

Dress: Old Navy Wonen’s Ponte-Knit Dress Bright Peony, XS Petite. Some thoughts about this dress. It actually fits pretty well. There is some stretch to the material, so it’s fitted without being too tight, which is a must for me. I’ve birthed 4 kids, so I don’t want things clinging onto dear life to my gut and butt regions! LOL! My biggest complaint is that it’s perhaps a little roomy in the midsection, so will bunch up a bit when you’re sitting, and ditto in the shoulders, so you have to watch that your bra straps don’t show. The A-line skirt, though, works well for petites. Overall, it’s a nice dress for petite gals.  And the dress is versatile, working in the office with a blazer or cardigan and heels, or on the weekends with flat sandals. Good price, too!

Cardigan: Banana Republic (I’ve had this sweater for several years now, maybe more). 


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