Petite Styling Tip #5 (Skinny Belts)

I really hate it when I pick out something to wear, only to realize that the belt that goes with it is nowhere to be found. I don’t know why I can’t keep up with belts. They’re like socks – they always go missing. I also don’t know why I can’t remember when I’ve actually lost a belt before deciding on wearing something that needs the belt. Mommy brain? Perhaps. 

So, this morning, when I decided to wear a navy blue and white dress I bought from Gap 3 years ago, I was totally confused about where the navy belt that goes with the dress went, and was even more perplexed about what to do about it. Now, I probably could have picked something else to wear, but time is of the essence in the morning, and I have very little wiggle room to change outfit midcourse. I have my morning routine down to an exact science, and I have allowed myself only 12 minutes to pick out clothes and get dressed. That time frame leaves me no time to start over with a new outfit. Once something gets put on, I have to stick with it til the bitter end. LOL. The struggle is real. 

Luckily, I’m nothing if not quick on my feet when there is a problem. And not having a belt for this dress is a HUGE PROBLEM. This dress desperately needs a belt – without it, I look like this:

Can you say potato sack? I can, and this is s disaster waiting to happen. 

So, after wasting 30 seconds looking for the belt that I knew I wasn’t going to find (I imagine it’s in some alternate universe black hole with the socks I always seem to lose), I made the executive decision to wear a different belt. Since I knew I was going to put on camel pumps at work, why not wear a camel belt, which would contrast the navy and white nicely? 

And the result was pretty cool, in my opinion. 

 Much better with a belt, right? I actually look like I might be dressed for work and not lounging in my house all day in a mumu! The thin camel belt is perfect for a petite gal because it really defines my waist without cutting me in half, which would give me s stumpy look.  And the low vamp of my camel heels (the part of the shoe that cuts across the foot) plus the skin-matching color makes my legs look longer. 


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