Petite Styling Tip #7 (Go Ahead and Wear White Flared Jeans, You Petite Goddess, You!)

It’s been a while, ya’ll! I was on a well-needed/deserved beach vacation with my family last week, and since being thrust back into the reality of my life, I’ve been digging out from under the hundreds of work emails I missed when I was gone. Plus, you know, I have been swamped with mothering my 4 kids, and trying to be a good wife! 😍

But, being back to the grind doesn’t mean there’s no time to post another petite styling tip. Today, I wanted to share with you that us petite gals can (and should) wear flared jeans. And, they can be white, too (gasp)! 

Now, in case you think that all that vacation time in the sun must have fried my brain for even suggesting that  petite gals should rock white jeans, please know my brain is completely in tact. I assure you, I’ve not lost my mind! I’ll admit, I’ve often read that us short girls should run, not walk, away from flared jeans/pants. And white pants  are also supposed to be a no-no for anyone who isn’t a 5’11” supermodel-type who only weighs 100lbs soaking wet. But, I’m here to tell you, my fellow petites, that flared jeans in white can be super flattering on you, if you pick the right cut and pair them with the right shoe. Like this:

Here, I am wearing a pair of flared white denim jeans from Banana Republic. I bought these maybe 4 or 5 years ago, but just put them into my rotation (it’s a damn shame I have so many clothes that it can take years to start wearing things on my closet. But that’s me, so what can I do?). These flared white denim jeans work because they are fitted (but not so tight you can see what’s inside my pockets!), slim through the hips and thighs (a must), and the width of the flare isn’t too wide. An overly wide flare will make your legs look stumpy rather than elongate them. 

You want to also pair your flared jeans with a heel, at least 2″, so that the jeans don’t bunch up on the bottom and drag on the floor, making you look stumpy (and making your white jeans dirty beyond repair!).  You can’t really see the shoes because I’m so short and these jeans are long, but they are a lovely animal print from Carlos Santana. 

To complete this look, I wore I fitted knit keyhole shell from Banana Republic. The top is the perfect length, hitting right at the top of my hips, which elongates the look by drawing the eyes upward. 



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