Petite Styling Tip #8 (Accentuate Your Back)

Since I started this blog, I’ve spent a lot of time showcasing outfits and ideas that I think will be flattering for my fellow petite gals. And my posts usually feature pieces that I have found help elongate our short frames. But, in doing this, I don’t mean to suggest that there’s anything wrong with being or looking short. Obviously, I think petite gals are fabulous just the way we are. And, really. It’s not like we can change the fact that we are short. That genetic ship has sailed. I’ve already come to grips with the fact that there’s simply no amount of good styling that will make my legs look like Giselle’s! Oh, the humanity!

But, our lack of “legs for days” just means we can highlight other physical attributes. And for me, that’s my back. I think I have a pretty decent back. It looks fit and strong. Probably from deadlifting my 4 children! Lol! 

And what better way to show off what I do have by wearing this fun top I picked up the other day from H&M? This is the Tank Top in Woven Fabric, XS, although I can’t seem to find this print online.  It’s a really fun top and really shows off the back without being too revealing. Although I have it tucked in, it actually has really cute side slits. The v-neck also draws the eyes upward (yes, again with that), which appears to give us a little more length! Now, I’m wearing this to the office today, but the back cut-out is probably a much little much for work attire, even during the warm summer months. But that’s nothing that a cardigan can’t solve. And the great thing about this top is that it is great for an after-work happy hour or dinner. Not that I ever really go anywhere but home after work these days.  But if I did, I’d be READY!  Thoughts?


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