Petite Styling Tip #9 Wear Summer Prints Year-Round

You wouldn’t know that it is almost Autumn by the sweltering 90 degree-80% humidity weather forecast in the DMV, but it’s almost that time of the year when dark, rich Fall colors should be brought upstairs from the basement storage area. However, what I’ve learned over the years is that you don’t really need to pack up all of your summer clothes once the kiddos go back to school abs replace with your fall wardrobe. We should feel totally free to wear our favorite summer finds well after the autumnal equinox on September 23 (like my big words?!). Many Summer colors and prints totally transition well to Fall attire, and I plan to rock my summer prints well into Nomvember this year. 

Today, I’m going into the office, and wanted to put this new skirt from Ann Taylor into the rotation. It’s the Petite Abstract Diamond Pencil Skirt   in Bright Begonia (0P). Yup, another pencil skirt, but hey, the work on us petite gals!  And I go with what I know works for me!

  I paired the skirt with a cream top from H&M and a wide beige belt from Banana Repulic.  Wide belts are a good option when you’re ticking in your top, and I like how the belt defines my waist. 

But I couldn’t decide what shoes to wear.  

 Since I take the train to my office in DC, I wear flip flops during the commute (until the cold weather freezes my toes, and then I bust out the Uggs, but I digress) and bring my shoes with. Of course, I also keep about ten pairs of shoes in the office, as well, to choose from. Any who, I was deciding between mixing my prints and wearing these animal print heels from Carlos Santana, which I thought would be a fun way to bring out the colors in the belt: 

 Or these classic brown pumps from Nine West that have a nice reddish trim that picks up the color in my skirt:  

 Decisions, decisions. I brought both pairs to work with me, but ultimately decided on the brown pumps. 



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