Shoes I Love!

I love shoes. My love of shoes seriously borders on an obsession. But I’ve been slacking in the shoe-buying department of late, mostly because I work from hom so much now, and I don’t need as many new shoes. Well, I should say that I never needed all of these shoes, and I certainly didn’t need most of the 100+ pairs I own now! I honestly don’t even know how many shoes I have at this point.  Plus, I’ve had to scale down the shopping because it’s just too exhausting trying to hide my shoe purchases from the hubs (I can’t imagine why he doesn’t understand that I must have those new shoes). His negative attitude has really cooled my shoe shopping habit. Good for the wallet but BAD for my mental state. LOL. 

Anyway, I just realized a few weeks ago that I had a brand new, never before worn, pair of shoes hidden away in my second oldest son’s room. You see, back in May when my mom was visiting, we went shopping, and she helped me hide the new shoes I bought behind a chair in my son’s room. When my mom was in town in August, she reminded me of our sneakery (is that even a word?), and it was like Christmas!!!

I picked up these beauties from Kohl’s on sale for $19.  They’re Juicy Couture and they were a serious bargain, marked down from something like 80 bucks. OF COURSE I had to buy them!! The best part about them is that when I put them on, I’m like an average height American woman, not. The size of a fourth grader!!! SCORE! 

I cannot wait to wear them!


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