Petite Styling Tip #11: Dress Up a Basic T-shirt Dress

Well, it’s officially Autumn, but the weather can’t seem to decide whether it’s still the Summer. Today it was overcast, but warm – high 70’s/low 80’s – and humid, which would be great for almost-October except for the fact that I’m eager to start wearing some of my recently-purchased fall clothes (jeez, I’m such a shopaholic even though I try not to be)!

Anywho, this mostly warm weather did give me the chance to wear a new dress I bought on sale from Old Navy, and I get to showcase how to dress up an otherwise very casual weekend dress for the office, so it’s  all good. Today I’m wearing the Women’s Half-Sleeve Ponte-Knit Dress in Ultra Violet (XSP). A little about the fit of this dress, well, it’s not too bad. I wish it were a little more fitted and a little less baggy in the bottom. And, it’s probably a tad short, but so am I! Lol. Overall, I’m happy. The price was right and it doesn’t look like it’s 2 sizes too big.  

I’d typically wear this dress during a spring or summer weekend outing, paired with flip flops or ballet flats and a jean jacket, but because the weather refuses to cooperate with my desire to bust out my cooler weather clothing, I figured I’d spruce this up to wear to work today. This dress definitely needs a belt to avoid me looking like I’m wearing a mumu, and so I slapped on my go-to black belt. It’s neither wide nor skinny, and it’s the right size so I don’t look like I have a tail growing out of my abdomen. And for a fun look, I wore black and white pumps instead of plain place ones. Plain black pumps would have been a snoozefest. And I finished the outfit off with a necklace from my April 2015 Stitch Fix box. 


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