Favorite Petite Finds #1

Some of my new favorite petite finds, courtesy of Ann Taylor (and 40% off)!!! Seriously crushing over here!

Ann Taylor Petite Faux Leather Pencil Skirt (Spruce Green, 0P) 

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I haven’t really been a fan of leather bottoms (faux or otherwise) since the early 00’s, but this pencil skirt that I bought online from AT last month has renewed my love of the leather look in an instant! Of course, I’m obviously a huge fan of pretty much any pencil skirt, but im loving this one especially because of the color and fit. Spruce Green sounds like it will be drab and boring, but it’s not. It’s so pretty. It’s really versatile, and I can see myself wearing this with more than just black. Maybe a print top? Or stripes?  It’s definitely a nice change from my normal black, grey, and navy pencil skirts that I wear during the Fall. I also like that this pencil skirt is a bit longer than I normally wear – right at the knees versus above the knee, so I think it will look really cute with leather or suede boots in another few weeks when it’s starts to dip below 50 consistently. Also, you can’t really tell that it is faux leather. And the price, of course, was awesome. You just can’t beat a sale price plus and additional 40% off. This skirt also comes in cherry brown (which looks gorgeous, by the way) and black, and it’s 60% off now!

Ann Taylor Petite Collared Chiffon Top (Black XXSP) 
I bought this top a few weeks ago online, also because I had a 40% off coupon code (and I was trying to reach the $ amount that would get me free shipping). I need another black top like I need a hole in my brain, but this is so cute. I was afraid it would look too feminine/romantic, but I’m totally glad I bought it. I decided to try the smallest size they have, XXSP, because I didn’t want this top to be baggy or overly long. After all, it’s chiffon, and I wanted it to look delicate, not voluminous. It’s sheer, but there’s a band of material in the bust area that isn’t sheer, so it’s totally appropriate for work. But it’s definitely cute for outside of the office, too. And I got this at a very good price, so I’m happy!

But what shoes to wear with this? 

  I figured it would be a pretty a boring snoozefest if I wore this outfit with black heels. So, I decided animal print heels would really set this outfit off. These aren’t my most comfortable shoes, but I like how the animal print contrasts the green skirt. 
After putting this “favorite petite finds” outfit together, I have to admit I am pretty damn excited to be in the office! 



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