I was looking through my perfume this morning and found this Swatch watch hidden underneath one of the bottles.  

 I was really into Swatch watches when I was a kid, mostly because my sister, 5 years my senior, was into them, and I wanted to be just like her. Swatch watches were the shiznit in the 80’s, like totally rad!  And then I remembered that I pass by a Swatch store on my way to the office, AND that they will replace batteries for free on your Swatch watch. So, off to the Swatch store  I just went, hoping this 30-year-old watch still works…

…SCORE!!! The old watch, after all these years, is still tickin. And it’s so cute and retro. LOVE.  

 Only downside to today’s adventure down memory lane?  The kids working in the store were amazed when I told them I had a 30-year-old watch (which they found it necessary to point out was older than them, obvs). They were even more astounded that  such an old watch even still works. 

It was rough, but I resisted the urge to defensively remind them that old doesn’t mean worthless. Instead, I smiled, said thank you for my free battery, made a mental note of a few watches I would probably buy for myself in the coming months, and left with a renewed interest inSwatch  watches. 


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