Petite Finds #3

A few weeks ago when I was looking for a few things for the little guys at Old Navy, I, OF COURSE, found a few super cheap things for myself, that I just had to buy. I hate when that happens. (Okay, not really!) one of the items I scored for $8 after coupons and what not, was this Old Navy Open-Front Cocoon Cardigan in Kelp Forest (XSP). 

This dark green is a pretty hot color this season, as I see it all over in a bunch of different stores. So, how awesome that I get to be on-trend at such a bargain. I bought this in the smallest size they have in Petites, and it is a little more roomy than I would like, but its advertised as relaxed fit through the body, so I shouldn’t be too surprised, I suppose. The sweater is made with a super soft cotton material, and the price can’t be beat. 

And from behind:As in the front, it’s a little baggy/roomy in the rear, but I can live with it.  At this price, I’m giving Old Navy a pass, but I’m convinced they have changed their sizes again to try to trick us into thinking we are smaller than we actually are, which is frustrating. Woe is me, but now everything I buy from Old Navy is too big. I hope I don’t have to break up with Old Navy!


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