Petite(ish) Finds #4

A few months ago, I picked up the Ann Taylor Belted Cape in Navy Blue (OS). There was a 50% off sale at Ann Taylor that day, oh yeah, and since this was already marked down to $119.99, I scored a great deal for this cape ($60 for a $148 regular price cape, ka-ching)!!!! I’ve been waiting for a cool (and dry) day to put this cape into the rotation, and today was the day!This wool-blend cape is soooo warm.  I was wearing a thin, short-sleeved blouse underneath (19 Cooper Split Neck Tulip Sleeve Blouse from my April fix) but this cape did a great job protecting me on this breezy day! The fabric is 60% wool/40% acrylic, so the material isn’t itchy. A must when wearing this cape with a short-sleeved shirt. 

I will admit that since this cape only comes in one size fits all, I was super nervous that it would look like a tent on my 5 foot frame, but it’s not too bad. Tying the belt right helps give the cape a little bit of shape. The length is good, too. Long enough to cover my tush – essential for when it’s chilly outside.  I’m obviously wearing the cape to work, and it’s really a very classy alternative to wearing a light coat. But I plan on rocking the cape this weekend with jeans (or leggings) and booties. The possibilities are endless. I love my new cape. 


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