Petite Styling Tip #12 (Mixing Prints)

I’m trying to do a better job of incorporating prints into my wardrobe, as the solid-on-solid look, day in and day, out can sometimes be a snoozefest. It’s pretty bad if your own outfits put you to sleep!   But while I regularly wear one patterned piece per outfit, that look is starting to get just as boring as only wearing solids. So, lately, I’ve been on a mission to pair multiple prints in one outfit.

But how do you mix prints and not look like a clown? Well, there are probably many was to accomplish this great feat, but I figured that the simpler I approach this trend, the better. It seems that if you stick to colors that match, then your prints should probably match, too, which will make them look like they should be paired with each other.  Prints in matching colors will compliment each other, and make the common colors really pop. At least that’s my theory.

To test this theory, this morning I decided I wanted to wear my Ann Taylor Diamond Jacquard Pencil Skirt in Blue Multi (00). I got the skirt for $20 several months back. 50% off sale items. Oh yeah. Since the skirt has a navy blue, light blue, and olive green pattern, I looked in my closet for a print blouse with one of these colors. Lucky me, I have a light blue dot button-down blouse I bought probably 6-7 years ago from Banana Republic that matches the light blue in my skirt perfectly.

 The light blue blouse really brings out the light blue and brightens up this skirt. It is like these were patterns meant to be worn together. 

Not a bad attempt at mixing patterns, right?


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