Petite Styling Tip # 13 (Colored Tights)

I normally stick to black or brown tights in the cold weather months. My tights usually don’t get any more interesting or risky than maybe textured black tights.  But that can be really boring and severly limits my wardrobe!  Also, depending on my outfit, black or brown tights may not even look very nice.  There are some days when I really want to wear a bright hued skirt in the Winter, only to put said skirt back in the closet  (read: throw on the floor of my closet) because black or brown tights just don’t cut it and I don’t have the nerve to wear colored tights.  But it shouldn’t that way, especially since I have several pairs of colored tights in my sock drawer that I have never worn.

The truth is, I really love colored tights.  I have them in green, fuschia, plaid, purple, navy, etc. I just never really know what to do with/how to wear the pair upon pair of colored tights in my overstuffed sock drawer.  Before now, I always put on the colored tights, only to feel like I looked too bright, or too much like a circus performer.  Or that they made me look stumpy.  Also, in my profession, colored tights are largely a no-no, and I really don’t like to stick out too much when I am in the office.  But I decided today, it was time to put up or shut up, sh*t or get off the pot, and basically, stop acting like I am terrified of colored tights/can’t incorporate colored tights into my office attire.  Starting today, I decided I was going to start rocking my colored tights or else it put them into the trash.  And since my cheap behind doesn’t like getting rid of anything until it’s falling apart, much less throw it away, that means I have to start wearing colored tights.

Today, I put on navy tights.  Okay, not too adventureous.  But, baby steps, people, baby steps.  I knew I wanted to wear my J. Crew Factory Printed Silky Tank Top (0) in ivory navy paired with my favorite navy pencil skirt.  And I also knew that black tights just wouldn’t work today.  I put on a pair of beige tights thinking that would be cute with a brown belt and brown boots, but then when I put on 3 different pairs of brown boots, they all looks AWFUL.  I then considered the fuschia tights, but then I didn’t know what shoes to wear once I got to work (I keep most of my heels under my desk in the office – classy, I know).  I next took out a pair of awesome green and navy plaid tights, but when I stepped into the bathroom to take a look in the mirror (I get dressed in the dark so as to avoid awakening the hubs) the green and navy plaid tights were actually green and black, and looked horrible.  That wasn’t the look I was going for.  And then I pulled out a pair of blue tights.  I thought they were teal, and that I would have to put those back in the drawer (read: on top of the pile inside the pack n play we never moved out of our bedroom) but in the light, they looked navy, so, I grabbed them and decided it was time to rock and roll (AKA go make coffee and snap a few pictures for the blog while I wait). 

Since it was 28 degrees when I left the house, I had to wear boots for my commute.  I decided on black boots, since I was wearing my black puffy DKNY coat.  Of course I was in a rush when I was getting ready to leave, so forgot to put on my cardigan before I left the house (luckily, it was in my purse, so I put it on in the car while at a red light).
Once I got to work, though, I decided to kick it up a notch and put on some real funky shoes to set this outfit off. 

Not bad, huh?
As it turns out, matching your tights to your skirt is a good look for petites. It lengthens the legs, which us petite gals LOVE!


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