Stitch Fix Review #5 (December 2015)

After a really awesome fix in September 2015, where my faith in Stitch Fix was totally restored, I was extremely excited to schedule this fix, thinking we had turned a corner and I had finally found a stylist (Amanda) who understands what I am looking for.  (If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, and are interested in learning more, scroll to the bottom of this post).

I know I said I don’t care if I don’t love everything in my fix, but I still REALLY, REALLY want to like everything they send me, so that I have a tough decision to make.  Or at least, not hate it.  Perfectly reasonable, right?

I learned from one of the lovely ladies who follows my blog (thanks, KM) that you can cheat and take a peek at what will be in your fix before it arrives, by logging in to your Stitch Fix account and clicking checkout.

This brings up the page where you can add comments for each of the items in your fix.  Although you can’t see what colors each of your items are, you will see the item name and the price.  With that information, you can search the items by name to get a general idea of what the item looks like, what colors it comes in, and what other bloggers think about it.

This is what you will see sneaking a peek

Who knew?  Of course, with the Stitch Fix app, you can click checkout, and it brings up pictures of each of your items, but you only see one item at a time, so this isn’t as helpful for sneak peeking.

Anyway, as soon as I received the email that my fix was on its way, I took my sneak peek and started searching the blogosphere for my items.  I’ll be honest, with the exception of being overjoyed because I was finally receiving something I specifically requested (the Level 99 Giovanni Straight Leg Jean), I was feeling a little sad about what was going to be in my fix. Mostly because the colors I was saw online for these items – black, dark blue, dark green, etc. – were the exact opposite of what I requested (begged for, truth be told). And there was a questionable jacket (more on that later) in the fix, when my profile says to avoid outer layers.

But, as I have turned over a new leaf, I remained hopeful, thinking that Amanda wouldn’t send me dark colors when I specifically asked not to be sent anything in black, navy blue, or burgundy!  And since Amanda seems to get me, if she sent me something even though I said to avoid it, she must have had good reason.  Also, I tried to remind myself that you can’t really tell the full range of colors available for specific pieces, since not everyone who receives fixes blogs about them, nor can you tell if you really like something until you see it in person and on your body!  So, feeling optimistic, I patiently waited for my fix to arrive a few days later.

Yay! I love packages!

When my fix finally arrived, I was really very happy when I opened the delicately-wrapped tissue paper and saw the beautiful colors and prints in this fix!   Such pretty colors – mustard, orange, eggplant, moss green, grey, cream, and burnt orange.

Not a drab or dreary color in sight! That right there is a win in my book!  So, here is what I have:

Loveappella Caldwell Shoulder Cutout Knit Top XS (Dark Purple) $54

 Although a solid color, when I was hoping for prints, I absolutely love the color of this top.  I don’t have much of this color in my closet, actually just one eggplant dress, and no tops, so I was really hopeful about this top.  It’s really a very flattering eggplant tone.  And the fit – it’s perfect. 
The material has a bit of stretch, so the top is fitted without being snug. And the length is great. I almost love this top. But, the shoulder cutouts…
In my very first fix, I received a black cutout top – Pixley Trisha Cut-Out Back Knit Shirt – and while I am not really the cutout kind of gal, I decided to keep the cutout top in that earlier fix because it seemed like a fun piece.  The whole point in getting styled (at least for me) is to find pieces I wouldn’t find on my own or wouldn’t pick out for myself.  However, the shoulder cutouts on this top are fun for a different reason – they honestly remind me of a top I would have worn from Rainbow Shop or Wet Seal in 9th grade circa 1991-92.  I would have rocked the crap out of this top back in the early to mid 90s, and would have thought I was the BOMB!  I would have been the bomb, who am I kidding?

But, now, almost 25 years later (DAMN I’M OLD!), not so much. As much as I love the color and fit, I definitely don’t love it enough to justify paying $54 dollars for a top that I most likely wouldn’t wear. It’s a pity when something you almost LOVE still doesn’t make the cut.  Sadness.


Pixley Nielson Halter Blouse XS (Orange) $58

Although this blouse has a navy blue trim and some navy blue in the pattern, the predominant color (or at least the one that stands out) is orange, and I don’t have much orange at all in my wardrobe.  I absolutely love the psychedelic print – it is totally fun.  This halter top is extremely versatile, and I will be able year this year round – just add a jacket or cardigan in the colder months and you are good to go – and can be worn in the office or on the weekends.  The fit is flattering, too.

It isn’t overly long or voluminous, so it doesn’t overwhelm my frame.  It works tucked in, as I have done here, or untucked, like this.

And it shows just the right about of back!It’s probably priced a little higher than I would normally spend on a halter top, but I really like it!


41 Hawthorn Herstal Textured Knit Striped Trim Jacket XS (Mustard) $68

When I searched for the jacket before I received my fix, my first thought was Boo!  The one I saw on Pinterest looked kelly green. That was one of the colors for my middle school (Go Warriors! Go Green! Go Gold!) and so I instantly had an adverse reaction. And upon further inspection of the picture of this jacket in kelly green, I thought “this jacket is not my style.” It looks (to me) like something my mom would wear.  Which, I swear, is not a bad thing (love you, Mom, if you’re reading this. And if you’re reading this, keep reading!). On the contrary, my mom has GREAT style and always looks FIERCE.  She coordinates like nobody’s business, and this jacket, whether kelly green, or otherwise, would look great on my mom. But my mom and I have different tastes in clothing (the source of many uncomfortable/annoying shopping trips when I was a teen) and while I could see her rocking the hell out of this jacket, me, not so much.

Also, my style profile says to avoid outer layers.  Granted, I did tell my stylist in the notes for this fix that there was a jacket that I really liked, but it wasn’t this jacket, so I really don’t know what in my profile, Pinterest page, or even this blog, that suggests that I would like this jacket.

But again, having turned over a new leaf, I was gonna give this jacket a chance and wait and see what color I received it in, and how it fits.

Seeing the beautiful bright mustard color they sent to me, I felt a little better. But once I tried it on, my initial thoughts rang true.  It is too big on me

and flattering on me.  It just doesn’t seem to have any shape.  The leaves are long (and I have long arms, so this is hard to do).  And, it definitely looks like something my mom would wear. Totally matronly.  Yes, I am a mom of 4, but I don’t want to look like a granny of 4!

I considered keeping the jacket to give to my mom for Christmas.  But, I opted not to keep this in the end.   It’s too expensive for something I don’t like and would be giving to my mom in the hopes that she would like it.  And also, if it’s big on me, it’s going to be big on my mom.  So, no.


41 Hawthorn Jenee Pullover Sweater XS (Burnt Orange) $68

 I instantly loved the colors on this sweater. Grey, cream, and burnt orange really work well together!

I like the way it fits!

But, sadly, I don’t love the sweater enough to buy it for $68, when I already knew I was going to keep the jeans and the halter.  I had to decide between the halter and the sweater, and I figured I would get more use out of the halter, so…

VERDICT: RETURNED (Very reluctantly – I will probably regret it in about a month when I am cold and am bored with the sweaters in my closet)

Level 99 Giovanni Straight Leg Jean 0P (Dark Green) $98

 I asked to be sent a pair (or two) of colored skinny jeans, as I have seen several other bloggers’ fixes with these jeans, and they receive rave reviews. I am so glad that Amanda was able to find these in my size this time around. This is the first time something I’ve asked for is available! Yesss. These jeans are exactly as I expected.

I like the muted, yet pretty moss green color (the style says dark green, but they don’t seem dark to me). They match the halter top in this fix, and I know these jeans can (and will) be worn year-round.  I’m honestly already daydreaming of all of the outfits I can put together with these jeans.

My favorite thing about these jeans is that they are so incredibly soft. I could sleep in them. Hell, I just might. I’ve been known to go to bed in my clothes, and not even because I’ve been partying the night before. No folks, I’m just lazy like that!

The fit is amazing.They fit perfectly – like a glove, not too tight, just right.

The length is perfect – right at the ankle,  so I can wear these immediately with booties or tall boots, in the spring with ballet flats, or in the summer with sandals.I’ll be honest, I’m cheap, so I’m not excited about spending $98 on these jeans, but I’ve wanted these jeans for a while, so I have to get them.


Final thoughts:

I loved the colors Amanda selected for me, and it’s clear that she was listening to me and trying to find things that fit my very specific needs.  The two items I ended up keeping  boiled down to not wanting to spend too much money.  If I kept the 3 items that I really loved (the jeans, halter, and sweater), that would have cost me $204 (after deducting the $20 styling fee).  For $30 more, I could have had everything in the fix, but I really disliked the jacket and knew I wouldn’t wear it or the cutout top, so I really couldn’t justify to myself buying everything.  And it would have really bothered me to spend $204 just to get the sweater, as well.  In the end, el cheapo kicked in and I kept the two things I would actually get most use of.  Although I only kept two items, I think this fix was a success.

Also, if you also blog Stitch Fix reviews, click here to join a link-up set up by Expected Miracles, an awesome blog that I follow.  The link-up is open until the end of December 2015.  You can also go to another link-up setup by Crazy Together.


Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist service.  All you do is fill out a style profile, including your wants, likes, and dislikes, and schedule a “fix” to be sent to you on a specified date.  Your stylist picks out clothing and/or accessories, and you buy what you want and return what you don’t want.   Interested?  Want to help a petite gal get a $25 referral fee to fed her shopping obsession? Click here.

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10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #5 (December 2015)”

  1. So glad you kept the jeans! I love my Level 99 jeans. I also like the cut out top, but not sure if it would be for me either.
    If you want, I added a linkup opportunity on my review I posted yesterday. Feel free to join it!


    1. I requested the green ones after seeing you post about them a few months ago! SO glad they finally had my size! I was hoping to get the salmon ones, too, but maybe next time! I joined the linkup – what a fun idea!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. How are the jeans holding up for you – I didn’t look, but do you wash in the machine, or dry clean or what? Do they shrink? I was kind of annoyed that I spent so much on these, so before I beg for them in other colors, I guess it would be helpful to know how they hold up. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I read the tag and it strongly suggested to wash them before wear, so I did – inside out with like colors on cold. I think I let them air dry (I do this with all of my favorite clothing to avoid shrinking and fading). I didn’t notice any shrinking and they feel just as nice when I got them in my box. No complaints!



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