Slammin’ Shoe Saturday

When I was in Florida for Christmas visiting my sister (check out her blog Mom, Miles, and Mishaps) we decided we needed to get away from our collective 6 kids, and take a little shopping trip to Nordstrom Rack.  I figured while I was browsing the men’s size 16 section looking to see what I could get for the hubs, it wouldn’t be right to bypass the women’s shoe section and pick myself up a little sumthin sumthin, as well.  Merry Christmas to me and what not!

As I strolled down the size 6 1/2 aisle, I was really hoping they would have some booties that were not too expensive. I have been jonesing for booties for a long while, but was always very hesitant to buy them. Being a petite gal, I really assumed that booties wouldn’t look very nice on me, what with my stumpy legs and all. And I just couldn’t stomach spending money on something that might make my legs look any shorter than they already are. But everywhere I go the last few months, I see booties, and they look so cute on everyone! So, basically, “why not me?” I asked. 

Was there ever any doubt I would find some suitable booties as I strolled down the shoe aisle? OF COURSE NOT! This is me we are talking about!  True to form, I found the Sam Edelman Cody Zip Ankle Boots. Love.  

I really like the beige tone, as it is neutral and will go with literally everything in my closet.  And I plan to wear these puppies a lot!! They’re really comfy, too! There is a slight heel that gives me a little lift, which you know I need. Best of all, they don’t make my legs look stumpy as I feared. 


excuse the unmade bed in the background! I have 4 kids, what can I say?
I am totally happy with this purchase. (Duh!)


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