New Favorites (Naked2 by Urban Decay)

So, I should preface this post with by saying that I don’t really wear make-up a whole lot these days. Since 1999, really, when the hubs, when we first started dating, told me I was too pretty to wear make-up (I TOTALLY fell for that line hook, line, and sinker, so embarrassing!), I pretty much have given up make-up for daily use, and only bust it out for special occasions (date nights, GNO, etc).  

This is all to say that I just don’t know anything about make-up anymore. I don’t really buy make-up anymore, and the make-up I do have is either extremely old (which is a no-no, I know, but at least I don’t have anything dating back to 1999 or anything) or is in sample size from the Birch Boxes I have received over the last two years.  I am really out of the loop when it comes to new products or make-up trends, and the like.  I frankly don’t know what is what it the make-up world. 

However, I recently learned about Urban Decay products and am therefore totally crushing hard on the Naked2 palette by Urban Decay.  

  I first learned about it from my 21-year old au pair. So I naturally feel really old getting make-up ideas from a 21 year-old, but whatever. I’m old. I embrace it.  Anyway, when she first came to the States and joined the family, one of the first things she did after she got settled in was go shopping (a woman after my own heart)! And when she came back home from the mall, she mentioned that she was hoping to find the Naked palette on sale, as has wanted it for a while, but always thought it was too expensive. 
Naturally, I was intrigued and thought I would check out this palette and maybe surprise her and buy it for her as a Christmas present a few months later. But over that first month she was with us, she was on a shopping tear, and I kept seeing package after package come from Sephora, and I figured she had already bought the palette. So, when the find cabs to buy her a Chrystmas present, I thought maybe I would look at some if the other palettes and see if another ones looked interesting as gifts. 

I ended up buying both the Naked and Naked2 palettes, thinking that on Christmas morning, if she ended up already having the Naked palette, I could give her the Naked2 instead. Fortunately, she hadn’t bought herself any palettes and so I was able to actually surprise her with the palette she really wanted. And I felt great. 

So great, in fact, that I decided to keep the back-up Naked2 palette for myself. And I love it. I can see why she loved these palettes so much. Not only is the packaging really pretty, but the colors are great. Neutral tones that are perfect for my skin tone. 

The Naked2 palette comes with 12 different eye shadows. From left to right: Foxy (matte finish), Half Baked (shimmering finish), Booty Call (shimmering finish), Chopper (shimmering finish with glitter), Tease (matte finish), Snake Bite (shimmering finish with metallic base), Suspect (shimmering finish), Pistol (shimmering finish), Verve (shimmering finish), YDK (shimmering finish with with metallic base), Busted (shimmering finish), Blackout (matte finish).  And the palette also comes with a brush, which is perfect for applying these beautiful shadows. 

I think I may have to go back to wearing make-up again. 


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8 thoughts on “New Favorites (Naked2 by Urban Decay)”

  1. I have all 4 Naked palettes and I LOVE them all. My first also was the Naked 2 and I think it’s my favorite. However, I mix and match every one of them to make more unique looks. They will last me forever too, since I don’t wear eye shadow every day. Definitely worth the money!


    1. I agree! I think when Sephora sends me a birthday coupon, I will buy another! I have been buying way too much lately, and it’s getting too hard to hide the purchases. I can only say the packages belong to our au pair but so many times!

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  2. I currently own 3 of the naked palettes, personally i think Naked 3 is my favourite out of the three and i would highly recommend!
    I’ve recently started out my own blog and would really appreciate a quick follow back/like if possible? Thanks 🙂 x



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