Petite Fashion Finds Friday (J. Crew Factory Petite Plain Tartan Skirt)

Friday is the one day during the week that I am guaranteed to put forth maximum effort in putting together an outfit. This is true even if I am not going into my office in The District (AKA DC). I just like to make Friday a dress-up day rather than a business casual kind of day, which makes me  feel kinda snazzy going into the weekend.  So, I’m excited about showing off some petites fashion finds with you on Fridays. 

Today, I’m featuring the J. Crew Factory Petite Plaid Tartan Skirt (0P). Now, I’m normally not a plaid kind of girl, but I really do love anything that reminds me of a tartan, me being a lover of all things associated with the Scottish Highlands. Why the fascination with the Scottish Highlands you may ask? Well, when I would visit my Grandma in St. Petersburg, Florida as a teen, I would get a little bored with the eating breakfast at 7, lunch at 11, and dinner at 4!  By 6 o’clock, I was ready to do something besides watch Murder She Wrote reruns and eat (although Grabdma’s food was BOMB)!  So, I used to read my Grandma’s historical romance novels to pass time until beginning the next day’s eat fest!  

Those romance novels were (and probably still are) pretty ridiculous, what, with their handsome rakes ripping open the overly busty bodices of the black-haired blue-eyed damsel in distress.  But I always enjoyed reading the ones that took place in Scotland. Something about the clans, raids, tartans, cottages, and mist was really appealing to my bored adolescent self. 

Fortunately, my taste in literature has improved. But, I still love me some tartan, which brings me back to the plaid tartan pencil skirt I’m wearing today. 

I paired the skirt with a chambray tuxedo button-down from Loft (XXSP), black tights, and black Steve Madden Kadey boots for the commute. I also threw on a silver necklace from Charming Charlie. 

Once I got to the office, I changed into some black and white heels from Loft that really kick this outfit up a notch or two.  

 img_4521I really am enjoying mixing patterns. It’s amazing how patterns that don’t really match at first glance seem to go together in the most unexpected ways. I definitely think I’m getting the hang of this!img_4605If you like plaid, and need a new pencil skirt in your wardrobe, this skirt is a great petite fashion find. It fits true to size, and the petite version is perfectly tailored to the vertically challenged gal!  It’s fitted, without being tight. And the length is perfect – right above the knee. I received a couple of compliments during the day, so I think this skirt is a real winner, y’all!

Have a great weekend!



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5 thoughts on “Petite Fashion Finds Friday (J. Crew Factory Petite Plain Tartan Skirt)”

      1. Mercantile (factory). But may as well check at J crew while you’re there. I mean, you owe it to yourself. Maybe you’ll find something cute the guest blog about on my site

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