New Favorites (Buxom Full & Fabulous Mascara)

I LOVE samples.  (Especially when they are free. Who doesn’t, really?)  So, even though I haven’t bought much make-up in the last 10-15 years (jeez, I’m so OLD), since subcribing to Birch Box a few years ago and Ipsy two months ago, I have built up quite the arsenal of make-up. And between those subscriptions and the free samples I get every time I order from Sephora, I am finding a lot of products that I really, really love (and that I must buy in full sizes)!!!  Here’s one of my new favorites: Buxom Full & Fabulous Mascara.  I received this mascara in a free make-up bag (along with a bunch of other samples) from Sephora when I ordered the Naked2 palette.*I should preface his by saying my eyelashes are a little sad. Exhibit A:Bleh. Not too impressive.   Not very full and not very long. Pretty average in fact. And not even that dark. So they basically just blend in with the rest of my face. It’s no wonder I look so tired with these suckers!! I Without the pick-me-up of a little eyeshadow and blush, I simply look half asleep. But with Buxom Full & Fabulous mascara, I look way more alert.  And I actually have lashes that look like they mean business. See?!  Much, much better! They really do look so much fuller, and definitely fabulous. I’m hooked. I might have to start wearing mascara every day!!

* A little tip. ALWAYS, ALWAYS search for offer codes when you order online from your retailer of choice.  Sephora in particular, in addition to the 3 free samples you get with every purchase, always has good offers with free swag. Did I say I love free? You know you do, too!


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