Petite Fashion Friday (A Friday Fashion Fail!)

Another day in the office, another pencil skirt outfit.  Today I wore the J.Crew Factory Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton (0P) in Neon Flame.  I was so excited to wear this skirt. The bright orange color is a nice change of pace from the typical dark colors I normally wear during the winter. And it’s a thick and sturdy cotton, so when I bought this, I figured that I would be able to wear this skirt year-round.  In my book, that’s like getting four skirts in one (or so I tell myself).

When I first put on the skirt this morning, I wasn’t sure what to wear with it. I was initially thinking a print top and cardigan, but nothing in my closest was really calling my name (well, truthfully, every top I had in mind was dirty or at the dry cleaners). I stood there in my closet for 5 minutes, but that’s literally all the time I had to spare to ponder my outfit. I knew I had to hurry and throw something together so that I wouldn’t miss my train to DC.  Decisions, Decisions. I settled on a black sweater over a denim button-down blouse, with black tights and boots for the commute.  I also threw on a the Bancroft Nisha Fanned Geometric Necklace that I received in a March 2015 Stitch Fix box complete the look. Once I put it all together, I was feeling like I looked pretty good considering I had to get dressed in a hurry and in the dark (my 6 year old had nightmares and asked to sleep with us, ugh, so I was trying to to wake her up before her normal wake up call). And in the semi light of my entryway this a.m. (I’m still trying to figure out where to take pics in the morning without waking up the hubs and kids) the skirt was bright and sunny perfect for an overcast, grey winter day!

Once I arrived to my office, I settled in and did the whole shoe switcheroo (I keep about 10-15 pairs of heels at work to choose from). I sat down to check my email and when I stood up to go grab some water, I looked like this:Wrinkles.  A lot of wrinkles.  Boo. That made me really sad. I mean, I love this skirt. It’s practically perfect – it fits well, it’s a gorgeous color, and I can wear it year round. But apparently, the cotton material and my tights are not good friends, and together they created a whole lot of nasty friction and static electricity, which resulted in lots of wrinkles.  At least that’s my story. SADNESS.

But wrinkles notwithstanding, I stil like he idea of this outfit, even if my execution ended up being a fail! Maybe this skirt will work better sans tights, so I’ll try again in the spring when u can ditch the tights. If at first you don’t succeed…

Have a great weekend everyone!



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