New Favorites (Coastal Scents styleEYES Palette sample)

In the last box before I put my Birch Box subscription on pause, I received the Coastal Scents  styleEYES palette sample, with teal and gold eye shadows.    I’ll admit, I was really skeptical at first. Teal eye shadow? On me?  In 2016?  I remember back in the 80’s when my sister, then a teenager, would wear blue or teal eyeliner and I thought she was the shiznit. And who can forget colored mascara. Totally rad!  But by the time the 90’s rolled along, I think it stopped being cool, in my mind, to wear blue and green on my eyes. By the time I was wearing makeup, the only colors I wore on my eyes were black, brown, and neutral beige colors.  Up until I stopped wearing makeup regularly, my makeup was pretty boring. Not a lot of variety in color and basically zzzzzzzz!

Fortunately, with subscription services and Sephora samples, I’ve been exposed to a host of new colors and trends and have really come full circle – I’m now totally back into blues and teals for the eyes, and this Coastal Scents palette is perfect! 

I tried out the palette when I went into the office last week. The teal eye shadow is such a pretty and subtle hue. And it pairs so well with the gold eye shadow.  They feel smooth when being applied. And they really have staying power – the color was still going strong at the end of the day!   Love!



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