Petite Styling Tip #14 (It’s Okay to Shop in the Girl’s Section)

Sometimes, when I am shopping for clothes for my 6-year old, I come across something in the girl’s section that I HAVE to buy for myself.  And really, I see nothing wrong with this.  As a petite gal, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy clothes from the girl’s section (it’s what got me through college) and the clothes fit as well as women’s wear, so screw it!

I spent much of the late 90’s shopping for girl’s clothes at Limited Too (I think it’s called Justice now). In fact, I think most of my favorite jeans during my senior year of college were girl’s size 12 from Limited Too. Of course, I’ll admit it felt real weird trying on jeans in those teeny tiny little fitting rooms. I am pretty sure, as short as I am, that I could see over the door. Totally awkward. But when you’re shopping on a college budget, a little humiliation is acceptable and even necessary!

Once I moved to New York, I stopped shopping for girl’s clothes. I guess maybe I felt dumb shopping in the kids section at stores in New York. And that damn Sex and the City ruined me – all that pressure to be fabulous!  It was sort of hard to feel fabulous in the city when wearing clothes made for a preteen!

In truth, when I stopped shopping like I was still on a college budget, it was a dumb, dumb move, and my wallet sure paid for it. The debt I amassed due to my shopping habit the 5 years I lived in New York… Ugh. If only I had continued shopping at Limited Too…I wouldn’t have had to give Citibank and Discover most of my disposable income in my 20’s!

Anywho, about a few years ago, I started buying girl’s clothes again. Usually from Old Navy, since I do most of my online shopping for the kids there. I’ll be shopping for my daughter and get distracted by a few things I want for myself from the girl’s section!  It’s a problem. And on a recent trip to Nordstrom Rack, the checkout line was right near the girl’s section and I figured I would look through the racks while the line was slowly moving along. And I found the Dirtee Hollywood City Girl Long Sleeve Tee (BIg Girls) in Grey (girl’s size L(14)), which was so cute I had to buy it. 

 Isn’t this shirt cute?  I mean it’s kind of false advertising where I’m concerned, what with my living in the boonies/burbs and all, but all the time I spent in New York every summer as a kid visiting my grandparents and cousins, coupled with the time I lived in NYC as an adult, I feel like a city girl at heart. This shirt just felt sooo me!

 It’s a super soft rayon shirt with a hint of stretch.  I wore it on a pretty cold and windy winter day and I didn’t feel like the wind was cutting right through me. Since it’s a girl’s top, the length is perfect for a petite gal – right at the hips.  It’s the perfect fit – not too big and not too small. And the shirt is business in the front…  …but party in the back. I love split back tops. They’re so fun. And I think they’re good for accentuating your assets! 

Paired with Loft Petite Modern Skinny Corduroy Pants (25P) in Crystal Mauve and black Steve Madden boots, this little girl top is a BIG hit! 





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