Petite Fashion Fridays (Putting my Stitch Fix Finds to Good Use)

Wee are expecting about 2 to 3 feet of snow between today and tomorrow, so I worked from home today rather than get stuck in DC trying to get home when the snow party starts.  This city seriously shuts down in a panicked frenzy whenever there is an inch of snow, much less 3 feet, which is quite comical.  That means no work outfits to talk about.  But, have no fear, I am resourceful, and for today’s installment of Petite Fashion Fridays, I put together a few of my favorite Stitch Fix purchases – the Pixley Trisha Cut-Out Back Knit Shirt (XS) from my Fix #1, and the Level 99 Giovanni Straight Leg Jean (0P) from Fix #5.I seriously love these jeans.  They are just so versatile.  You can really dress them up or down, depending on your mood.  Today I dressed them down with snow boots and a black T.  And speaking of my black T, while it looks pretty basic, when you tuck it into these jeans and slap on a fun belt (striped, which don’t really show up well in this pic), I think the top looks a little less boring, and certainly more flattering.  And of course, there’s this…
Party in the back, people!!!  Can’t go wrong with back cutouts, IMO.  You might be wondering why in the world I would wear a cutout shirt in the middle of winter on a day on which blizzard conditions are expected.  And that’s a good question and excellent point.  But my response is simple. I’m basically going to be indoors all day and it gets really warm inside with the heat on. Plus the kids don’t have school (cancelled because we are pansies in the DMV) and they have had the fireplace on all morning.  And when I do leave the house to make sure I have all necessary supplies before the snowfall gets cray cray, I have to put on my heavy down coat, and that makes me really sweaty!  Who wants to be all sweaty when it’s damn frigid outside?  So, really, the cutouts actually keep me from burning up.  And again, I repeat, you can’t go wring with back cutouts!

Stay warm out there, peeps!




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