Slammin’ Shoe Saturday

It’s snowing. And not even the BS snow we usually get in the DMV. We are supposed to get maybe an additional 1 to 2 feet of snow on top of the foot or more on the ground that fell overnight, which, in the DMV, is like Armageddon!  

Hell, our government called a state of emergency 2 days ago before the first snowflake fell! The entire area is probably going to shut down for the next three days at least, and I predict a lot of shoveling the driveway, hot chocolate (wine), Netflix marathons, and loud/annoying kids in my future. 

But all is well because I have some awesome snow boots, the Sporto Delinda Snow Boots, to keep my little toesies dry and warm!    I’ve wanted a pair of duck boots for a while, but because I kept buying Ugg boots every winter for the last 5 or 6 years, there just wasn’t any room in the shoe budget to get a pair of these, as well.  Which was really silly, because as warm as my Uggs are, they’re not very useful when there is a foot or more of snow.  And even if I were to wear them in those conditions, they get all of that nasty salt residue, which then needs to be cleaned.  Ain’t nobody got time for all that!  It’s bad enough I spent way too much on the Uggs, but the thought of having to get the professionally cleaned due to salt residue is just too much to bear.  

Also, rain boots, which I was normally rocking when it snows, never keep your feet warm. So, I finally decided to be smart and practical and get some snow boots. The Sporto Delinda boots are fantastic – super stylish and yet very practical.  I love them so much I actually hope it snows all winter so I can wear the hell out of them! They are definitely more reasonably-priced than the Sorel boots I have coveted for the last 2 years.  And they are warm.  I have worn them when it was 10 degrees outside, with a windchill of about 0 degrees, and with this super warm fleece lining, there were absolutely no worries about frostbite!  I also tried them out in the snow, and they are definitely waterproof and have really good traction. 


 And I like how I can wear them folded down when there isn’t any precipitation to contend with, or all the way up on heavy snow/rain days!  These boots are by far the best winter shoe investment I’ve made to-date!

Now, back to Netflix!

UPDATE: These boots are the bomb. Kept my feet warm and totally dry in this 

the hubs is 6’11” by the way
 and this 

 this blzzard is no joke, and neither are these boots!


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