Petite Styling Tip #15 (Skinny Cords are your BFF)

I’m embarrassed to say that I night the Loft Petite Curvy Skinny Corduroy Pants (25P) in 4 colors (Deep Pacific Teal, Plum Preserve, Crystal Mauve, and Classic Grey) when they were on sale last November.

But, if I find something that fits really well, and comes in many colors, buying as many as I can is a foregone conclusion!  The only thing that stopped me from buying more colors is that they didn’t have some in my size at the time.

If buying 4 pairs wasn’t enough of an indication of how great I think these pants are, let me tell you why I ❤️ these pants.    They have just enough spandex in them to give them a nice amount of stretch, which is great for a petite gal. Fitted pants are a petite gal’s BFF! I also like the wide belt loops, so you have a lot more options in terms of be,ting it up if that’s your thing.  Owning these pants in so many colors gives me a lot of options when planning outfits, especially because the pants are so versatile – you can really dress them down, or dress them up for a business casual look like I’ve done today. 

The classic grey cords paired with a blue button-down tuxedo top from Ann Taylor (one of my faves – I wear it a lot), a brown belt (I think this is from Target – it’s reversible, too!), and brown booties, I have a cute preppy and business casual look going on.


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