Makeup Monday

A few months ago, I received the  Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in Sailor (blue) in a box from Birchbox.   

My first reaction was thinking “WTF am I going to do with blue eyeliner?”  This was, of course, due to my associating blue eyeliner with the 80’s, and therefore, I thought I would never in a million years wear such an outdated color. But since most trends seem to come back full circle, I decided there must be something on-trend with blue eyeliner and I should at least give it a whirl. So glad that I did. 

This eyeliner is super easy to apply – it effortlessly glides on, unlike some eyeliners I have used in the past that feel like you are using a crayon on your lids. Although it is very easy to smudge this liner right upon application for a smoky look, once it’s set (after about 30 seconds), it really stays put. This is a must for me, as I have really dry eyes, especially if I have my contacts in, and eye makeup usually leaves me looking like a raccoon pretty soon after application.  The color – sailor – is very pretty. It gives a subtle pop of color, so I don’t look like I fell right out of the 80’s. It also really brings out the green in my eyes. 

 And best of all, it really does have staying power.  It stayed put from when I applied it at 6:45 am until when I left work at 4:45 pm. 

   This eyeliner definitely will be put into heavy rotation. 


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