Makeup Monday

Well, hello lashes!!!  I’ve been kind of obsessed with mascara lately. Even though I am slowly easing back into wearing makeup, I’ve pretty much gone all-in with mascara, wearing it every day with or without eyeshadow or liner.  I have always had really short eyelashes, and I’m feeling pretty happy to have been sent some really awesome mascaras over the past few months in subscription boxes. My new favorite, IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes, was sent to me in a Birch Box several months back.  Unlike my husband and all 4 of my kids (the bastards! LOL) I have naturally short lashes. I’ve mentioned in previous posts how sad my lashes are, so they really need a mascara that really provides thickness and length to these pitiful lashes of mine. Hello Lashes does all that and more!    My lashes look so much thicker and fuller with this mascara, without that clumpy gross look you sometimes see with other mascaras. The brush has this little ball on one end that is really great to use on the shorter lashes on the inner corner of the eye. The mascara glides on very easily and all I need is one coat and I look like I have lashes for days! Best of all, it doesn’t clump, and it stayed put all day long. This is critical, I have have dry eyes, especially when wearing contacts, so I really love a mascara that stays on the lashes until I am ready to wash it off – usually the next day because let’s face it, I’m lazy and don’t always wash off makeup before bed like I’m supposed to! 

This mascara is a keeper and I highly recommend it. 



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