What I Want Wednesday!

I’ve said it before that I have a serious shopping problem.  Especially where clothes and shoes are concerned.  But if I am being honest, my shopping obsession isn’t limited to clothes and shoes.  I get the same rush shopping for school supplies as I do when I buy clothes and shoes.  It’s just the thrill of the hunt that gets me going.  Thankfully, as I grow older, I get a little wiser.

Unlike my 20’s, I really LOVE having zero credit card bills, and I’ve stopped buying everything I want, just because I want it.  Even though I get almost daily emails from the stores I love advertising flash sales, which make me weak in the knees, I have successfully resisted the urge to shop every “50% off of the entire store” sale.  Instead, I have been doing the very adult thing, and for the last month or so, have been keeping a “What I Want” list, so that anytime someone asks me what I want for my birthday, or Christmas, or any gift-giving occasion, I am armed and ready!

So, I’m really excited to start a new series, “What I Want Wednesday,” so that I share some of these wants with you!  Who knows, maybe they will be wants (or haves) for you, too!  Here a few things that I want this week.

Loft Petite Split Neck Mixed Media Dress (in Olive Branch)loft olive

I am really into mixed media everything right now, as it really takes all the hard work out of trying to mix and match colors and textures in creative/trendy ways.  Lord knows I need getting dressed to be as easy as possible, considering I get dressed in the dark or semi dark most mornings to avoid waking up the hubs (I am a great wife, don’t let him tell you any different)!  The only reason I haven’t yet bought this is because I am holding out for a 60% off sale.  They have those pretty frequently, so there’s no point in jumping the gun just yet!

Factory Split-Neck Dress (in retro lemon)

Besides the WOW-factor yellow (or maize, since I am a Michigan fan), which would be the perfect addition to my spring work wardrobe,  sheath dresses are a must-have for petites.  Sheath dresses, while not super exciting, are extremely versatile.  If you buy the right one, it will last you season after season and you can get a great deal of use out of it.  Sheath dresses can be worn alone with a statement necklace, with a blazer, leather jacket, or cardigan for an office-appropriate look, with a long-sleeved shirt layered underneath to create a preppy jumper look, with a long-sleeved shirt on top or with a longer flowing skirt on top to create the illusion of a two-piece look.  The possibilities are endless with a sheath dress, and in yellow, I think I can really kick my wardrobe up a notch!  Again, holding out for a 50% off of everything sale to get this beauty.

H&M Long Wrap Dress (in grey melange)hmprod

Although I usually wouldn’t consider buying a long dress, as they normally look horrible on my 5’0″ frame, there is something about this dress that has me wanting to give it a chance.  I definitely need to see if it is available in stores and try it on.  It seems like it will be the perfect spring casual dress, which I can pair with sandals  or converse sneakers.  Lucky for me there is an H&M right down the street from my office.

Banana Republic Factory Soft Trench Coat (in Dark maroon)trench

I really love trench coats, but unless tailored for a petite gal in mind, they look horrible on me.  Fortunately, Banana Republic petite clothing is usually spot-on for me, and I love the color of this trench.

H&M Snakeskin patterned bathing suitbathing suit

Ever since I had my 4th child, I’ve been more open to the idea of the monokini.  Well, more open because 4 pregnancies really take their toll on the midsection.  I still rock my bikinis, but I really like how monokinis hide the excess skin my children gifted to me, while having the party in the back action.  So, this bathing suit is right up my alley.  I love the animal print.  Sexy without trying too hard.  Sadly, it’s sold out online.  I really hope they have it in stores, as we are taking the kids on a beach vacation for spring break and this suit will be slammin’!

Happy shopping!



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