Petite Fashion Friday (Learning How to Use a Color Wheel)

Happy Friday!

So, I’m taking the Blogging 101 course, which I’m hoping will help get this blog in the type of shape I envisioned when I started out last year.  And in reevaluating what I am trying to accomplish here, I realized that while this blog has been great in terms of helping me develop my style, and has forced me to put a little more effort into getting dressed, when I look at my outfits some days, I feel so uninspired.  And like taking a long nap. ZZZZZZZZZ

Clearly, something has to change.  I mean, how can I blog about petite fashion if I’m not even feeling my fashion all the time?  But where to start?  How do I get on track?  I know I need to branch out and wear more than juts pencil skirts when I’m in the office and skinny jeans when I’m not. How hard can that really be?  I have a walk-in closet that is so full of clothes that the hubs barely has space for his clothes.  I have so many dresses, pants, shorts, jumpsuits, and skirts (that aren’t of the pencil variety) that I don’t wear or include on the blog, and that’s a damn shame.  I have my clothes arranged by type and by color, and let me tell you, it is such a pretty sight.  I have every color in the rainbow represented and I have so many pretty clothes.

In addition to the overwhelming amount of clothes in my closet, I have clothes in boxes in the unfinished storage room in my basement, and in the closet under the stairs in the basement, as well.  I even have three super large plastic bins of clothes in the bottom of my closet.  And don’t get me started on the shoe situation.  I definitely love clothes and shoes, and have a shopping problem, with a side of a hoarding problem.  I HATE getting rid of clothes until they are literally ripping apart at the seams! And even then I want to make them work.  ISSUES!

So, I don’t think my wardrobe is the problem – I clearly have enough clothes, most of which i really love.  I think my problem and boredom originate from what I am doing with my wardrobe.  And more specifically, how I am putting my colors together (or rather, how I am NOT putting the together).  It seems to me it’s time to start thinking outside the box and paying more attention to what color combinations work, and what combinations should be avoided at all costs.  Looks like I need to consult a good ol’ color wheel.

Some of my favorite color wheels:

I haven’t looked at a color wheel in years.  But apparently, it is a super useful tool in picking out your clothes.  Who knew it was that easy to get out of my color rut?  So, as my first order of business, I printed a few color wheels to ape to the inside door of my closet.  Easy enough.
The next order of business was learning how matching colors on the color wheel can achieve different results.  After some research, I learned that there are five basic color schemes to work with – analogous, complementary, split-complementary, monochromatic, and triadic, and .  Over the next few weeks, I will try out each and every on of these and share with you, but for Today, I decided to try out analogous colors in an outfit that doesn’t involve a pencil skirt.

Maybe you are wondering what analogous colors are?  Simply put, analogous colors are the colors on a color wheel that are next door neighbors.  As an example, on the wheels above and below, red would be analogous to red violet.  They are colors that are close enough to compliment each other, without overwhelming each other or cancelling each other out.

I started this journey in using a color wheel with something easy – analogous colors – because being next door neighbors, they seemed to be a relatively safe way to mix and match colors without being too bold.  Baby steps, people.  Since I have a great deal of blues and greens in my closet, I decided to finally put the Striped Loft Scuba Sheath Dress (XSP) that I bought from in late 2014 into the rotation.  Better late than never!

loft dress

As I mentioned in my What I Want Wednesday post, sheath dresses are pretty awesome and versatile.  For work, I typically pair a sheath dress with a cardigan.  But rather than pairing this teal and black dress with a black cardigan, which, before today I TOTALLY would have done, I consulted my handy dandy color wheel, and learned that cobalt blue is an analogous color to teal.  And as luck would have it, my mom bought a cobalt blue cardigan for me for Christmas.  This was much, much easier than I thought it would be!!Because teal and cobalt are colors that appear next to each other on a color wheel, they really compliment each other without blending in, and have enough contrast to really stand out.  This cobalt cardigan really makes an outfit with an otherwise plain sheath dress look much more interesting.

I really think I am on to something and cannot wait to try out the other color schemes!


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5 thoughts on “Petite Fashion Friday (Learning How to Use a Color Wheel)”

  1. This is a timely blog today- I feel in a rut as well- I tend to pair the same thing with the same thing all the time.

    So- dumb question- where did you get the color wheels?


  2. OMG, this is soooooo me! I just did a closet purge over the weekend, and found so many things I totally forgot I had (they were buried in the masses!!)! SO…I feel like I just went shopping-woo hoo! I’m vowing to wear those hidden gems over the next months to get out of my rut! I’ll probably still stay in my boring neutrals haha, but maybe I’ll throw in a few pops of color here and there 😉 Have you ever checked out the WhoWhatWear style challenge? I did it a few years ago, and it was super fun. I didn’t have time this year, but every once in a while I’ll think about the things they suggest and try to step outside of my comfort zone. Ok…ending my book now ha! xx


    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I haven’t tried the WhoWhatWear challenge, but it sounds right up my alley. And I love a good challenge, especially where clothes are concerned. I’ve made such a concerted effort over the last two years to incorporate more bold colors and prints into my wardrobe, and it’s not always easy. Sometimes I fall right back into my black bottom, solid top rut, and it drives me crazy. But I keep trying!

      Have a great day!



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