Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 2)

Today’s outfit includes probably one of my most egregious brand new never-been-worn pieces – a brown wool skirt with pretty pink lace detail and beading from Express.  Why the most egregious you may ask? Well, for starters, I haven’t shopped at Express since probably 2002 or 2003. Maybe even earlier. It’s been so long, I don’t even remember the last time I stepped foot into an Express. Except I know this skirt is the last thing I ever bought from Express!

Even though I loved the hell outta Express in the 90s – my sister even worked there for a time, so I got a nice discount for a while – at some point in the early 2000s their clothes stopped fitting me. Their smallest size was just too big. Oh boo hoo for you, you might be saying, but it’s true. There was some kind of trickery going on with their sizes and their size 0 fit more like size 3 used to fit (I was still shopping juniors back then, and I think that Express’s sizes were juniors sizes as well).  I didn’t feel like buying clothes that required me spending even more money in order to be taken in, so I stopped shopping at Express all together. Granted I lived in NYC around this time, and it only cost $2 for any alteration at the tailor in Chinatown, but that is neither here nor there. I didn’t want to spend any extra money than I had to.  So, buh-bye went Express.

Which is why this never-been-worn, tag-still-on skirt from Express is particularly embarrassing. As I bought this skirt when I was still in college or law school, this skirt is no less than 13 years old. That’s really old for something to have never been worn. This also means that this skirt has travelled with me cross country through at least 4 states because I moved quite a bit between 1999 and 2010.  And yet up until today, the skirt never made the cut.  How sad.

But this skirt’s luck obviously changed this morning.  As I was getting dressed, I knew that I had to find something that I’ve never worn rather than something rarely worn. Otherwise, Operation Clean Out My Closet wouldn’t be as useful to getting my closet in order. And since I’m unlikely to purge something I actually wear occasionally, I really need to put up or shut up with respect to the never-been-worn population in my closet. Enter this skirt.  I have to say, I’m pretty happy with this blast from the last outfit today!

When I put on the skirt, I instantly remembered why I had tried, but failed to wear this skirt over the last 12 or so years – it’s roomy.  Even after tucking in the pink grapefruit Loft Ruffle Shell that I put on put on, there was still way too much room in the waist. But I solved that problem by putting on my favorite wide belt, from Banana Republic circa Spring 2009. The belt instantly defined my waist and hid the roominess of this skirt. I completed the look with the Carlos Santana Exotica heels, circa 2007-2008.

Day 2 is a success. I wore something old but never-been-worn, and 2 things that I love but haven’t yet worn this year.

WILL SHE KEEP IT?  MAYBE.  First the skirt.  Whether I keep it all boils down to whether I am too cheap to have it altered to actually fit me.  As cute as I think it looked with the belt, the waist really was too big.  It’s screaming for alternation. I’ll probably keep it though.  I don’t have enough brown skirts.  What do you think, guys? 

The blouse definitely stays – it is practically new and it will work very well this Spring.  And the shoes are keepers, as well.  I love the animal print, always have.

On to Day 3…


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