Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 3)

So, this is Day 3 of my plan to rid myself of clothes that I don’t wear and/or haven’t worn in a long time.  I’m working from home today, and I find it is actually more difficult to figure out what to wear when I am dressing casually than when I have to go to work.  This is especially true on days on which I sit at home in front of my computer all day.  I really just want to wear sweats.  But, not being one to give up on a challenge, even one that I have imposed on myself, I stood in my closet looking for something I have never worn, or haven’t worn in 2016.

Today I decided to wear a pair of black and white print slim-fit pants from H&M Spring 2015.  I’ve only worn these once, not too long after i bough them last March.  You see, I didn’t try them on before I bought them (I rarely try things on – no time for all of that) and I probably should have! As I was putting these on today, I remembered instantly why I never wear them – they are a tad snugger than I like. There is a little muffin top action with these pants. I had 4 kids, what can I say?  And these pants are a tad high-waisted.  I really like lower rise pants.  Nonetheless, I buttoned them up and went about my business looking for a shirt to wear with them.  I considered wearing a denim or chambray shirt, but they would have needed to be tucked in, and given the afore-mentioned muffin top situation, that wasn’t happening.  I thought a colored top would be better than just boring old black, and enter the teal top from Old Navy Fall 2015.  Just the right pop of color.  Except, this top is essentially cropped, and there’s that muffin top action, though.  Ugh.  That again.  

But, as I had already decided that I was wearing these pants and this top, I was determined to make this outfit work. And there’s nothing like a layering tank from H&M (lord knows how old this is) to help a sista out.

I finished off my Day 3 outfit with black boots, some Alex and Ani bracelets, and a necklace from my mom.  And folks, Day 3 is a wrap.


WILL SHE KEEP IT THOUGH?  Unlikely.  I think I am going to chuck these pants after today.  Or at least, they are going into the pile of probably not gonna keep, which I will go through at the end of this 30-day challenge.  I love the print on these pants, but given the fit, I just don’t see myself wearing these all that often.  It is a shame to get rid of something I’ve only worn twice, and have only owned for less than a year, but that’s what I get for buying something without trying it on, and then compounding the probably by ripping off the tags first.


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