Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 4)

It has been raining since yesterday, so I have been feeling pretty blah.  And couple that with working from home today and I was feelin pretty uninspired in the fashion department.  Truthfully, after getting everyone ready for school because the hubs had to leave the house at 7, I just wanted to go back to bed.  But I knew I couldn’t let myself down – Operation Clean Out My Closet Day 4 awaited me.  So, into the closet I went looking for something unworn or barely-ever worn.

I settled on a pair of pink Mossimo skinny pants (size 1) that I bought from Target in 2013.  These were the first skinny pants that I ever bought.  Back then, I was all about the bootcut jeans, and was totally skeptical about the whole skinny jean “fad.”  But I have only worn them a few times in the past 3 years.  And I haven’t worn them at all this year.  Easy.

The pink and grey tank top (XS) I am wearing is from Old Navy, which I think I bought it in 2011 or so.  Pretty old.  I haven’t worn this tank top in a few years, and the last time was probably with these pants, so it’s perfect for the challenge. And the grey mohair cardigan I’m wearing is from Marshall’s or Ross, made by Current Affair (S), which I probably bought in 2011 or 2012.  I used to wear it a lot, but it’s really itchy unless you’re wearing it in the winter with a long sleeve shirt.  So, it normally only comes out when it’s cold outside. And I haven’t worn it at all this year.  Piece of cake. 

img_6223The sneakers are from New York & Co.  My mom bought them for me for Christmas.  I probably would have never picked these out for myself, mostly because I don’t wear sneakers, especially not slide-on ones, unless I am doing the dreaded running.  Or going to a theme park. But these sneakers with those sequins are pretty cute.  So, into the rotation they go. 

WILL SHE KEEP IT? Yup. All of it. 

Day 4 is a wrap!



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