What I Want Wednesday! (February 24)

My Want List this week has some real gems on it as I start thinking of updating my spring wardrobe.  And I have a birthday coming up soon, so methinks I will be treating myself very soon!

Anthropologie Petite Angler Pencil Skirt


no 1Creature of habit that I am, I want another pencil skirt.  Shocking, I know.  But I can’t help it.  Pencil skirts are a staple in my wardrobe because they simply work for me.  They are super flattering and really elongate my petite frame.  And anything that gives the illusion of length is a-OK in my book.  I like the stripes on this skirt – the mix of horizontal and vertical stripes is really appealing, especially since the vertical stripes are right around the hip area – where I need to give the illusion of length rather than bulk!  And I think the almost neutral color of this skirt will give me a lot of options for pairing with bright colors from my color wheel.

J. Crew Factory Petite Printed T-shirt no 2Dress


I love polka dots. And this dress will get a lot of use because I can wear it both at work and at play. For work, I would wear this dress with a bright-colored belt and heels.  When out and about on the weekends, I would pair this dress with a pair of sandals.



Draper James Margaret Printed Skirt Powder Blue Frances Floral 


I will admit that I run as far away as I can from any celebrity fashion lines, celebrity-endorsed fashion lines, and celebrity beauty products. Once, I bought a pair of cute dusty rose ballet flats from DSW, and wore them several times before I realized that they were by Jessica Simpson.  I never wore them again.  And I have no problem with Jessica Simpson, but there is just something about wearing something with a celebrity’s name on it that rubs me the wrong way.  Probably because of how much they want you to pay for their “fashion,” which, in my opinion, usually leaves a lot to be desired. And a lot of times,bother stuff is junk.

So, you’ll most likely never see me wearing the K family’s line of krap, Yeezys, House of Dereon, L.A.M.B., etc.  Which is why I am quite surprised that I am really digging Draper James – Reese Witherspoon’s line.  But it is what it is.  She has a lot of really cute stuff.  Pricey, but super cute. And I’m guessing that since she is a petite woman herself, her clothing will work for petites.

This skirt is so pretty – perfect for the Spring.  Yes, it’s a mini skirt, but mini skirts are a good look for petites.  And I love the details – the scallops on the bottom hem are super cute, and the print is colorful and appropriately sized for petites. The color combinations I could put together with this skirt are endless.  It IS pricey, though.

Loft Petite Chevron Riviera Shorts


no 4The hubs and I are taking the kids to a beach vacation for Spring Break next month, and I really need to get my butt in gear in terms of updating my beach vacation wardrobe. I really love the chevron print on these shorts and the color is pretty.  These shorts will look nice with a tank or with a button down shirt.




J.Crew Factory 3″ Boardwalk Pull-On Shorts (indigo)


no 5These shorts will also be great for my beach vacation next month, as well as a staple for my summer wardrobe.  I like that they are pull-on shorts with an elastic waistband (call me a granny, but that just seems comfy!)  And I think that they can be dressed up or down depending on my mood, so owning these will be like a twofer.  Or so I tell myself.

J.Crew Factory Collarless Short-Sleeve Striped Popover Shirt (light blue ivory horizon)

no 6This shirt was actually paired with the Boardwalk Pull-On Shorts above on J.Crew Factory’s outfit obsessions, and I really liked the look.  This shirt is a relatively plain striped shirt, and I probably wouldn’t have been interested at all had it not been paired with the shorts. But mixing the floral print on the shorts with the like-color stripes on this shirt, I was intrigued and gave this shirt a second look.  It’s definitely something I could get a lot of use out of, so the next time there is a huge percentage off (i.e. 40% off or more), I will totally buy this shirt.

Happy Wednesday!


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6 thoughts on “What I Want Wednesday! (February 24)”

  1. I have to agree on your take on Jessica Simpson fare above. I bought a briefcase / bag of hers right after Christmas. I landed a $140 bag (I never in a million years would have paid that) for $20 post-Christmas. It ripped after 1 month of light use. NEVER again. It was maybe worth $5 at best.



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