Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 5)

I remember, back in college in the late 90s, I though Banana Republic was the worst. I thought it was for “old ladies!” As in ladies in their 30s and 40s. Too funny. But by the time I started working as an attorney in NYC a few years later, BR was my go-to store for everything but going-out clothes (Forever 21 and Rainbow Shop was where I bought my bar/clubbing outfits, as it was inexpensive and I didn’t mind it getting smokey).

BR went from zero to hero in lightning speed once I joined the working world. They had the best sales, and I ALWAYS found something in my size on clearance. And this love affair began even before they started carrying petites in most stores!  Once Iw as able to bet my hands on petites, I had a crazy love affair going with BR.

Seriously, from 2003 until about 2010, every single work outfit I bought was from BR. I’m not even joking. I could have had a mini BR store for petites in my closet, what with all their stuff in there. It was crazy. But in 2011, I started moving away from BR, shopping mostly H&M, Loft, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Calvin Klein, Nordstrom Rack, and even Marshall’s and Ross, because frankly, I was bored out of my mind. For about 2 years, I actually didn’t buy ANYTHING from BR. I quit cold turkey. And not even because I stopped liking the store.  On the contrary, I still loved their clothes.  But I was so embarrassed when I would get asked where I bought an outfit and the answer was ALWAYS BR.

In hindsight, I am really glad that I quit BR, because I have so much more variety in my wardrobe.  And I discovered so many new stores that are great for petite gals.  And in obtaining a more diverse wardrobe, I have been able to to mix and match colors, prints,  fabrics, and pieces in a way that I couldn’t when everything was from BR.  Inevitably, I went back to BR in 2014, but now BR isn’t the first place I look at when I am shopping.

Even though I’ve done a much better job of broadening my horizons, I’m laughing because despite all of my hard work, in the interests of cleaning out my closet for Operation Clean Out My Closet, I put on an entire outfit of clothing from BR. Oops. It’s like 2009 all over again. Oh well.

img_5877-1I’m wearing a brand new Banana Republic Factory Striped Crop Top that I bought in January 2016.  I love this top because I will get  a lot of use out of it, pairing it under a jacket, as I did here, for work, and on the weekends with a pair of colored skinny jeans or shorts, once it gets warmer.

The jacket is a Banana Republic Puffy Sleeve Textured Jacket from Fall 2009. I haven’t worn this since I moved into the new house in 2014. Probably because I wore it a lot, both to work, and on the weekends, when I first bought it.  But it’s cute, s it needs to come back into the rotation.

The skirt I am wearing is a Banana Republic High-waisted Classic Pencil Skirt circa Summer 2010.  I wear this a lot.  So, this skirt doesn’t count.  My shoes are blue print heels by Carlos Santana from maybe 2008. I think I bought these from Marshall’s.  I haven’t worn these in about a year. And the pearls, I ay wear them once every few years.  I’m not really the pearls kind of gal.  Never have been.  But this outfit was screaming for something classic int he jewelry department.

With the exception of my blouse, which is brand new, this outfit really is like stepping through a time warp.  img_5871-2This oldie, but goodie head-to-toe BR outfit is perfect for a day in the office.  And honestly, you just can’t go wrong with BR as a petite gal, so sometimes its best to stick with what you know!  Especially when you are challenging yourself to rid yourself of things you won’t wear.

Day 5 was a success.





WILL SHE KEEP IT?  YES.  This entire outfit stays put.

Day 6 – BRING IT!


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