Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 6)

I’ve only been dong this challenge for 6 days, and I’m already exhausted. I know it’s for a good purpose and all, but it feels a little stressful forcing myself to avoid my favorite clothes! Oh, the struggle!  But  there’s not really any time for whining about it, so onward and upward!

Today, I went through a bin of Winter stuff that I didn’t even bother to rotate into my closet this season. Mostly because it has been a relatively warm winter – there really hasn’t been a need for much of the heavy sweaters  in that bin. Of course, there were a few real gems all the way at the bottom of this bin and I found this super cute mauve suede skirt (size 4, because, you know, sizes used to be natural numbers and not made up sizes, but don’t get me started) that I haven’t worn in at least 4 years!


I think I bought this skirt in 2003 or 2004. I remember ordering it from a catalog that sold clothing from France. But I can’t for the life of me even remember what the catalog was called. And I’m actually laughing that there was a time when I didn’t order clothing off the internet for fear of having my credit card information stolen. Isn’t that so cute?

Anyway, I bought this suede skirt when I was in a suede everything phase – I had several pairs of suede pants for going clubbing (oh yeah), a few suede mini-skirts (oh yeah) and a few knee-length suede skirts for work. But I barely ever wore suede skirt back then because it is a tad longer than I like and it was too much of a pain to have it altered. I’ve probably only worn this skirt 3 or 4 times in the 12 or so years it has been in my closet, which is pretty bad considering this skirt has crisscrossed the country with me, and has lived in 5 different states without seeing the light of day very often!

When I put this skirt on this morning, it was still longer than I like, and the waist is just a tad tighter than I remember (that’s what happens when you don’t wear something all that often after birthing 4 kids!).  But at least there are no muffin top issues. And I can breathe when I sit down, so it’s all good.img_6235

My top is a Loft Tuxedo Shell (XS) that I bought in Fall 2014. The first year I owned this blouse, it was in the HEAVY rotation. I love tuxedo shirts.  But I haven’t worn this blouse at all over the last 6 months.  So, it was a good pick for today’s outfit.

Since it’s going to be a breezy, chilly winter day, I had to put on a cardigan (XXSP) from Banana Republic, circa Fall 2010.  I really love this cardigan, and wear it often, but after I got to work, I realized it has a hole in it.  WAH!

My shoes are a pair of dark mauve pumps from BCBGirls.  I honestly don’t remember when I bought these, maybe 2007 or 2008?  I know I found them at Marshall’s when I lived in Arizona.  I love these shoes, but I barely ever wear them.  I haven’t put these on in two years and so they were also perfect for this challenge.

And there you have it, Day 6 of 30.

WILL SHE KEEP IT?  Well, some of it.  I am definitely keeping the heels, and the tuxedo shirt is a no-brainer – it stays.  And I definitely have to chuck the cardigan because it has a rather large hole in it.  The skirt is a maybe.  I really like the color and it’s the lone holdout from my all-about-the-suede period in the early 2000s, but I don’t love the way it fits. I might actually wear it in the Fall and Winter months if I don’t bury in the bottom of a bin, but I am torn.  Thoughts, guys?  Help a girlie decide what to do!



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