Operation Clean Out My Closet (Day 8)

A week into the 30-day challenge I imposed on myself so that I could get my closet in order, and I’m almost ready to throw in the towel. It’s kind of hard to make a conscious effort every single day to wear something either that you’ve never worn or that you barely ever wear. And then add unseasonably warm temperatures in February (it’s 66 degrees and sunny) and you’re standing inside your closet not knowing what the hell to wear.  But, I pushed forth and managed to complete Day 8!

Even though it is warm today, it is also breezy. So, I knew I wanted to wear something that would protect me from the wind gusts without needing a jacket. A lightweight sweater seemed like the natural choice, so I searched at the bottom of the pile of crossover tips I keep in my closet year-round. Luckily, I have the Old Navy Rugby Dolman Sweater in Honey Business, which I bought in Spring 2015. This sweater is actually from the Girl’s section, and is a size XL(14). Ain’t no shame in my game. Sometimes girls’ sizes just fit better. And they’re cheaper so, you know I’m all in. Anyway, I bought the sweater about a year ago, but I’ve never worn it. Probably because I bought a yellow sweater from H&M right around the same time, and this just kept getting put further and further away from the top of the pile. 

I paired this never-been-worn sweater with the Margaret M Petite Emer High Waisted Cropped Trousers, are from a Stitch Fix box in April 2015.  I’ve worn these a few times right after I received them, so these can hardly be counted in the barely-been-worn category. The shoes are green-blue ballet flats from Mix No. 6. My mom bought these for me several years ago. And I threw on a teal scarf because I’m going to a 4th birthday party for my son’s classmate, and those bouncey places are always so cold. 

BUT WILL SHE KEEP IT? Yes. If for nothing else, if I never wear it again, which I don’t think will be the case, I can give my daughter this sweater in a few years. And the pants stay out – I wear them enough to justify keeping them. And the ballet flats stay until they fall apart, which sadly will be pretty soon. They’re a little banged up and the color is peeling off. Boo. 

Day 8 Done. Until tomorrow…



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